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Tips To Boost Your Fertility

Posted On: Dec 26, 2019

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Is your pregnancy strip displaying a negative result? Well, that may be a bit disappointing but there is no point in losing hope over a single failure in the conception process. If you are in your middle age, mid-thirties or mid-twenties, you got a myriad of options to try to boost your fertility. After a certain age, the Fertility usually becomes poor and unresponsive to all the medication, exercise and intakes to improve the process. However with the magnificent growth of the medical science, nothing seems impossible. As per the experts’ advice, the conception process can also be improved inside the home by following few healthy habits and taking care of some precautions. The best home Fertility Treatment tips are mentioned below that will surely help you getting conceived in the near future.

  • The Game of Sperms – Before getting into her biology, his health must be discussed as sperm count plays a vital role in the conception process. Many researches regarding the men’s health have been made till the date and every research tells a different story. The modern lifestyle has introduced many factors in every man’s life that cause the damage to the genitals and hence the sperm quality. Using laptop by holding it on the lap, keeping cell phones in trousers’ pockets, exposure of genitals to a hot environment, wearing extremely tight or uncomfortable underwear or shorts, sitting at a same place for a long time, poor diet and poor fitness, health issues like diabetes and many other factors affect a man’s sperms that make the conception process slow.
  • The Fitness – Proper BMI is the key to good health. The more a woman is active and fitness fanatic, the better chances of an easy and fast conception will be there. Being overweight or underweight increases the time frame of getting conceived. Regular exercise keeps the blood flow normal and eliminates the excess fat from the body which causes trouble in getting pregnant.
  • Avoid The Toxic And Unhealthy Stuff – It is pretty common to have a smoking habit, being in a stressful corporate environment. Excess smoking makes the uterus’ reception characteristics poor. In the case of men, smoking makes the sperm quality ineffective and poor. Excess consumption of alcohol and caffeine including drinks causes lower fertility chances. If you feel that you can’t leave these stuff for a long while, try staying far from these ‘explosives’ at least during the period when you want to get pregnant and during your pregnancy.
  • Getting Closer Often Is Not Bad – Making merry frequently is what every couple dreams of. Find some more time for each other and get intimate whenever you can. Twice, thrice or more sex a week can be very helpful in getting conceived.
  • The Right Time is Important – You will feel the difference in getting intimate on the normal days and doing the same in the three days time frame that arrives just before the ovulation process. If you can’t figure out you ovulation period, try finding out using professional ovulation deciding kits available in the market.

These were the primary factors that generally become a barrier in conception lowering the fertility. Other factors for lower fertility are the use of harmful lubricants, becoming stressed pretty frequently, being in a pesticide or chemical-filled environment, insufficient sleep and more. Following these tips can really let you experience the miracle.

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