Tips For Preventing Kidney Stones

The busy lifestyle and unhealthy intake have increased the risk of kidney stones in adults by a large amount. Both, men and women suffer from this health issue and due to severe negligence it grows and causes many other kidney troubles risking one’s life. A large percentage of working people suffer from kidney stones and experience severe pain, lots of healthcare expenses, kidney damage and many other issues. Many people lose their lives due to insufficient knowledge about kidney stones as they go on ignoring the pain and other symptoms considering them as a result of the hectic working schedule. A vital question arises here as how to know if a person is having stones in his/her kidney. Here are the primary symptoms experienced by the people suffering from kidney stones.

  • Experiencing pain while urinating
  • Unusual vomiting (maybe along with nausea)
  • You may want to urinate several times
  • Stinky urine. Sometimes the color of the urine may change to brown or reddish
  • Back pain
  • Pain near the sides of the ribs
  • Frequent fever and chills

Having a stone in the kidney is a pretty common but dangerous health issue that can either be treated through invasive surgeries or allopathic medication or by trying few home remedies that have proven their niche since several decades. What if you are still outside the danger zone and life is giving you the time to get serious about your health and avoid the risk of kidney stones? Well, in that case, you can try these tips to stay away from the kidney stones.

  • Avoid too much sweating or dehydration. Loss of water calls forth the formation of kidney stones. You can step up your water intake to avoid this trouble.
  • Calcium Oxalate stones are the most common type of stones forming inside the kidney. Try staying away from the food containing a rich amount of Oxalate. (Chocolate, sweet potatoes, peanuts etc.)
  • Well, increasing the Calcium level in your diet won’t encourage the Calcium oxalate formation. Don’t have them in a copious amount as well. Try a balanced calcium intake along with Vitamin D to avoid the kidney stones.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian and prefer rich animal protein food, then you are heading towards the danger zone. Try including organic food with balanced protein content.

Even if you have heard the ‘Bad News’ from your doctor, it is not the end. You still have a wide array of options to try and avoid the painful invasive treatments to get rid of your stones. Check out the effective tips to eliminate your kidney stones before they get bigger and more painful.

  • When your stones are in the ‘baby’ size, you can say them goodbye just by increasing the fluid amount in your regular diet. More fluid intake will help you to pass the stones easily through the urine.
  • Eat food having more amounts of Potassium and Manganese.
  • Say no to alcohol
  • Try the blend of Olive Oil and Lemon Juice frequently. This is one proven, and recommended home remedy for kidney stones.
  • Pomegranate juice can do wonders as well

There are umpteen remedies other than the expensive hospital treatments available for the kidney stones. Simple lifestyle and diet alterations can provide huge health benefits. Once the stones surpass a specific size, you only have surgery as the ultimate option. Why not follow ‘prevention is better than cure’ principle?

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