This Father’s Day Make Your Dad Feel Special And Gift Him Your Time

Father’s Day is marked every year on the third Sunday of June. The idea of Father’s Day originated in the USA when Sonora Dodd hailing from Washington came up with the idea of Father’s Day, after hearing a Mother’s Day sermon. Dodd and her siblings were raised by their father as a single parent following their mother’s death. She began a campaign to have a day officially dedicated to the fathers and eventually the first Father’s Day was held in Spokane in 1910. The other towns and cities of America officially started celebrating it since 1966. In today’s date, Father’s Day is celebrated in most of the countries across the globe, with around 35 countries observing Father’s Day as a national holiday.

In USA and most parts of Europe fathers are served with a breakfast in bed and handmade cards. While in Canada and parts of South America, celebrations typically involve spending time with one’s father along with small family gatherings. In few other regions it is customary for groups of fathers to go into the woods with a wagon of beer, wines and meats. Meanwhile in India, on the eve of Father’s Day, we spend quality time with our father and gift them greeting cards and thank you notes.

‘A Father is but a guiding light whose love and care shows us the way ahead in life’. Being a father is a tough task with having to juggle the responsibilities at work and home. A child depends on his father for his emotional, spiritual, financial and social well-being and is known as a daughter’s first love and son’s first hero & role model. He makes innumerous sacrifices for us without any expectations and the only thing he looks forward to is ‘Spending Quality Time’ with his children.

Fathers dau

Therefore, this June 19th Manipal Hospitals launched #GiftHimYourTime Social Campaign to Commemorate the Father’s Day. They encouraged people to make their Dad’s feel special by spending valuable time with them as our Fathers never ask for anything in return other than some quality time. Thus, on this June 19th, make a point to #GiftHimYourTime.

As we grow up from being a teenager to an adult, we tend to forget anniversaries and birthdays of our parents. In this entire journey of growth, we fail to spend quality time with them. At times, we get so engrossed in our own work that we even fail to answer their calls.

GiftHim YourTime

They also miss out on spending time with their loved ones in their pursuit to find a meaningful relationship just like their parents. Modern society brings with it its own pitfalls and trappings when it comes to doing so. Oftentimes they get caught up in this search and end up ignoring their loved ones at home.

15th June Post 3On this Father’s Day, let’s take the opportunity to express gratitude to our Fathers for all their unconditional love and affection. Let us take an extra effort to help him realize how important he is in our lives. Let’s make a vow to spend the entire day with him discussing his favorite topics, enquiring on his health, cherishing the old memories and surprising him with our ‘Thank You’ notes.

Fathers day - Manipal hospital

Manipal hospitalFathers day - Manipal hospitalFathers day special

He sacrificed his entire life for our happiness. Can’t we take a day off to appreciate his sacrifices? So this Father’s day, be it sharing old memories and dreams about the future or a day spent golfing or fishing, make sure you let your Dad know that he is your greatest hero.

Share with us your plans to make this Father’s Day special for your Dad. Write your answers below in the comment section and you can win interesting gift vouchers.


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