Stay Cool with these Summer Snack Favourites

With summer temperatures rapidly rising, it is more important than ever to beat the heat and stay cool. And the best way to keep your body feeling cool is to eat cooling foods. Below are 5 picks for cooling snacks to gorge on this summer. Since they are also health foods, feel free to indulge without any guilt.

  1. Tender Coconut- Tender Coconut Water is a cooling, fresh and delicious summer drink. Apart from keeping you hydrated, it’s benefits include helping with digestion, large quantities of Vitamin C as well as promoting a healthy appetite that is generally supressed in summer. Incidently, external application of coconut water to the skin helps prevents prickly heat and summer boils during summer.
  2. Watermelon- Watermelon is a definite favourite for the scorching summer months. This is owing to the fact that its composed of almost 92% water, effectively hydrating the body. Watermelons are considered a “natural energy drink”since 280 grams of watermelon contains only 80 calories, zero fat, 27 grams of carbohydrates, some Vitamin A, lots of Vitamin Bs, Vitamin C, lycopene, and ample amounts of potassium, iron, and calcium. Watermelon pulp and rind can also be used to treat heat rash and burns.
  3. Yoghurt- Yoghurt or the Indian “dahi” is a popular after-meal food due to its cooling properties. It contributes to a smooth digestive process through it’s good bacteria and helps fight infections by boosting the body’s immune system. Instead of using processed sugar, yoghurt can be naturally sweetened using honey. This combination of yogurt and honey is beneficial to the heart and lungs and helps prevent heart burn.
  4. Mint- Mint leaves is one of the most well known “coolants” as the herb quite literally feels cool and freshening in your mouth. It creates a refreshing cool breeze sensation on the tongue’s taste buds throat when eaten, and in the nasal glands when inhaled. Mint is often added to chill drinks such as lemonade for a better taste and it’s cooling properties. Chew on mint leaves after a meal for better digestion. In a drink form, mint leaves can be brewed into a refreshing tea that could then be chilled for the summer months.
  5. Green Salads- Raw foods and foods that are eaten cold are automatically more cooling than cooked meals. Lettuce, celery, cucumber, summer squash, radish, broccoli, tomatoes, and most leafy vegetables are a stronghold of cooling properties. A useful thumb rule to follow is foods that grow quickly are likely to be “cooling” in nature whereas food that take a longer time to grow have naturally heating qualities.

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