Say Good Bye to Back Pain With These Tricks

Posted On Dec 26, 2019

Department of Orthopaedics

Manipal Hospitals

Back pain is a health issue that everyone has suffered from time to time. This health issue does not only cause immense physical discomfort, it causes people to miss work as well. It has been seen that a lot of people fail to provide their hundred percent due to severe back pain.

Common Cause of Back Pain

There various reasons due to which people suffer from this type of pain. A sudden wrong movement can cause it. Acute lower back pain can remain for a long time. If not treated properly, it can last for at least six weeks. To avoid being a victim you need to the causes of the pain first.

You need to remember that such pain might happen without any cause. Yes, on one fine morning you might feel a sharp jab on your back or neck each time you try to move around. These are times people get puzzled about the cause of the pain. However, most of the time, the causes are apparent.

The most common cause of back or neck pain is sudden movement. This comes as a lightning flash, twist a muscle and then the consequence lasts for weeks. Heavy lifting can cause muscle strain as well. Those who are not in sound health can suffer from backache due to muscle strain.


So, the question is what are the symptoms of this type of pain? How would you know that you have been a victim of back pain?

The first sign is difficulty in moving. If you suffer from a sharp, hard shot at your back each time you try to move, you can be assured that you are suffering from back pain due to muscle strain. Dull muscle ache or muscle spasm can be the signs of backache due to muscle strain as well.

Prevent Back Ache

Be it back pain or neck pain, the victim suffers from severe discomfort. This can restrain people from any movement at all. This is the reason, you need to be careful about the pain. There are ways to avoid it.

A strong core can prevent muscle ache. Since the pain occurs due to the sudden muscle twist, you need to make sure that you have strong core muscle which will prevent such injuries. Walking can be a big help. Light cardio can help as well. However, in case you find it impossible to exercise, you need to just make sure to keep moving, like taking the stairs and moving around.

Right posture reduces half the problems. In case, you are suffering from frequent stiff neck or backache, your posture might need some corrections. Ponder this matter. If possible observe yourself. Find out whether your own movement is causing the pain or not. Once you find out the problem working on a solution will be easy.

If you want to say goodbye to backache forever, you need to work on your overall health. A healthy body can withstand anything. Drinking more water, cutting down on alcohol and smoking, and getting restful sleep will help you get healthy and say goodbye to back pain forever.