Risks Related To Knee Replacement Surgery In Diabetic Patients

Arthritis often causes typical pain while walking and most often knee replacement is suggested as the best solution by the corresponding doctor. However easy as this may seem, there may arise post-surgery compilations. These complications are duly enhanced when the corresponding arthritic person is also suffering from diabetes.

What exactly is the problem?

Excessive blood sugar is an essential factor that doesn’t simply affect just one organ. Most often, foot problems are also caused in diabetic patients and considering a simple or joint knee replacement surgery is not the best solution. Diabetic patients have weakened muscles and body tissues, due to which any surgery in that stage often complicates problems to a greater level.

What do the experts say?

Surgeons dealing in orthopaedics estimate that there is a brutal 2 per cent chance of any risk involved in knee replacement surgeries in patients suffering from diabetes. According to their research, some rare cases of about 1 per cent, on the whole, suffer from post-operation infections accordingly.

Suggested problems that may arise post knee replacement surgery

  • Stiff knees

Well, the affected scar tissue most often proves as an obstacle in motion of the knees. In mild conditions, this is usually overcome through physiotherapy exercise. In extreme conditions, a breakup of the scar tissue needs to be done.

  • Nerve problems

Generally not a common observation, but sometimes the nerve tissue gets damaged causing numbness in the corresponding foot. However, it should automatically heal itself in a few months or so with the development of new tissues.

  • Damage to the artery

Essential arteries are placed directly behind the knee, so knee replacement can in fact create stress over the arteries and damage the same. It is a risk indeed considering the fact that the arteries are the source of supply of oxygenated blood to the knee cells!

  • Metal allergies

Some people are prone to suffer from allergic reactions to the metal placed inside their knees for support situations. The implants are usually made of titanium; cobalt etc and some people tend to develop allergic reactions to the same.

  • Infections

Improper surgery or any mishap related to the surgical procedures is the causes of infections. This is however a very rare case and reported numbers for the same are very low as per the research analysis.

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