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Reduce Drinking In 2016 Through These Top 10 Tips

Posted On: Dec 26, 2019

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In this era of fast-paced living anxiety, stress and tension have become a part and parcel of your life. The continuous urge to excel in your professional field compels you to lead a stressful life. Yes, there are quite a few numbers of ways to get de-stressed like exercise, early morning or an evening walk, yoga etc. But you tend to live in an era where you are used to getting instant results. You lack that patience to get used to a healthy life.

Apart from these healthy techniques to relieve yourself from your daily dose of stress, there lies an instant stress-buster. It’s drinking. Those couple of pegs that goes down your throat works like wonders! If not permanently, at least for the time being you are transported to a dreamy world, which is devoid of any worries and tension.  Moreover, drinking is considered to be a status symbol. So, kudos to you! You have managed to be a part of this high-end status. Slowly and steadily, occasional drinking turns out to be our daily routine and you end up being a burden to society, to your family. Most importantly, you become a burden to yourself.

I hope these 8 steps will help you out in cutting down on your drinking habit

  • Be aware of the health disorders- Excessive drinking can lead you to grave health issues like blood cancer, tuberculosis to name a few. Get aware of these problems. If you don’t want yourself to be bed-ridden with such heinous diseases, reduce it right now.

  • Learn to say NO to alcohol- You’ll get many who would lure you to that bottle of alcohol. You would be constantly persuaded to opt for a peg. Learn to say NO to them. Well, I’m not asking you to be rude to your pals, but try to avoid them

  • Opt for soft drinks- Soft drinks are better than those alcohols. Give it a try. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

  • Set a goal of drinking- Definitely not to increase on it, but to slash it down. Set a goal for yourself that you will decrease your drinking consumption level.
  • Maintain a diary- If you really want to shut your drinking habit, try to maintain a diary. Like note down the consumption level of your first day, then the second and then the third and so on. Try to decrease it.
  • Don’t drink continuously- I know, it’s pretty hard to leave a habit like this in a go. You will feel like drinking every day, in spite of the fact that you need to cut down on it. Don’t drink every day. Like in the first week, you can drink for four days, and then for three and so on…
  • Be focused- If you truly love yourself and your family, be focused and promise to slash down on this habit.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others- If you have any acquaintance who is suffering from this habit, take a lesson. I hope this will help you.

Stop drinking, start living!

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