Know How Healthy Food Nourishes Your Body

Posted On Dec 24, 2019

There are multiple nutrients in an ideal diet plan that instruct the body parts how to function properly. You may perform yoga, do workouts, take health pills, but the importance of a staple diet can’t be overdone. Dieticians recommend a balanced combination of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fibrous protein on a regular basis. Lean food is necessary because it does not pile the body with redundant fat. Visit Manipal, the top multispeciality hospital to know more.

Here’s a feature that rounds up the benefits of healthy food on your body:

Energy and Growth: Deficiency of nutrients and vitamins can cause serious ailments, especially for growing kids. Example: Blindness in kids is a result of Vitamin A deficiency, anaemia (common in females) is caused due to Vitamin C deficiency, reduction in the levels of Vitamin B12 and Folate causes fatigue, irritation, breathlessness and dizziness. A Healthy diet keeps one physically and mentally energetic. While eating junk or frozen food, we usually feel lethargic. This is because such heavy and processed food take away the energy that should have been used for metabolism and body functions.

Disease prevention- Immunity: Researchers have proved that diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer can be easily avoided with healthy foods. One can keep the heart beat, pulse and blood pressure regulated with the help of a balanced nutritious diet. This is because healthy food helps in regulating the blood flow and expels the toxins that can foster disease growth from the body.

A longer life: Studies by the American Geriatrics Society have proven that a combination of healthy food comprising fruits and vegetables and exercise increases the life expectancy rate of women during their 70s. Lower consumption of calories also adds years to your life. A diet comprising Omega-3 fats from olive oils, fish, vegetables and fruits is also helpful.

Effect on mood:  Along with trying to stay happy and calm, eating healthy has a colossal impact on your mood. One can avoid mental health problems by eating healthy foods like legumes, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. Green tea is yet another drink which keeps your body fat regulated and also reduces stress. Foods rich in magnesium and other antioxidants keep depression away.

Keep your weight in check: A serious myth prevails among many of us that eating less will lead to weight loss. On the contrary, eating frequently and in small instalments helps in keeping the body in shape. Obesity is an underrated disease which doesn’t grab as much attention as it should.  Adding vegetables to sandwiches, combining oatmeals and muesli with fruits keeps your weight in check by adding fiber to your diet.

Consuming a balanced diet is vital to leading a healthy life. Your lifestyle choices will impact your body, and mind and determine the quality of your life.

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