Importance Of Regular Health Check-ups

Posted On Dec 27, 2019

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There are a number of excuses that we use to avoid getting health checkups –

“I’m too healthy to get a health check-up

“I’m too busy for a health check-up”

However, according to studies, getting health check-ups on a regular basis can actually increase the life expectancy.

The Diagnostic checks performed in a check-up provide health information

which can be valuable in spotting early signs of health issues such as heart problems, diabetes, cancer and other complications that can reduce the quality of life. Discovering unhealthy lifestyle habits and other risk factors can also help us improve our lifestyle.

Hence, a health check-up is not just a panel of clinical tests but an opportunity for us to learn about our body along with gaining inspiration to improve the quality of life.

There is no doubt that prevention in the form of health checkup is both effective and less cheaper than treatment. A regular health checkup not only improves your long-term health quality but also reduces long-term healthcare expenses.

In order to fully enjoy everyday life and achieve goals, it is crucial to have a good health. And a healthy body can be achieved with regular health checkup and healthy lifestyle.

Manipal Hospital offers packages that are full dedicated to provide complete health assessment. Few of the packages are:

The package comprises of 35 tests and 5 consultations, especially designed to suit basic needs of a man for a health check-up.

The package comprises of 36 tests and 6 consultations, especially designed to suit basic needs of a women for a health check-up.

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