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Home Remedies to Treat Obesity

Posted On: Dec 27, 2019

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Obesity is a medical condition which occurs due to excessive accumulation of body fat and may have negative effects on your health. It is one of the complex disorders which is affecting a lot of people in India. A survey says that 70% people living in metros are fat or obese. Hence, it is high time to fight the disorder by understanding its causes and treatment options:

Common causes of obesity are:

  • Lifestyle
  • Too much of fatty foods
  • Spacing of meals
  • Hormones
  • Metabolism
  • Genetic factors

There are numerous treatment options available for obesity. However, if you can easily control obesity with home remedies then why to go for medical procedure.

Few of the home remedies for obesity management are:

  • Add tomatoescarrots, and dark leafy vegetables to your daily diet and keep your stomach full throughout the day. These vegetables are low in calories and good for your health.
  • Green tea is one of the most effective remedies for weight loss. Include 2-3 cups of green tea in your daily routine to fight obesity.
  • Many of us avoid exercising on a daily basis. Lack of exercise can lead to obesity or over-weight. However, exercise helps burn up extra body fat and keeps you healthy. So, it is time to start doing exercise on a daily basis.
  • Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon of honey and lemon juice in a glass of warm water and have this mixture every day in the morning.
  • Mint leaves are very useful in order to lose weight. Add them into your daily diet in the form of peppermint tea. You can also chew them after your meals.
  • Apple cider vinegar is very effective in breaking down body fat. Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water and take it every day on empty stomach.

If you know other home remedies to treat obesity, feel free to share with us.

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