Few Contagious Skin Diseases That You Must Be Aware Of

Posted On Dec 26, 2019

Department of Dermatology

Manipal Hospitals

If you notice any constant irritation on your skin and is highly swollen or inflammated and the conditions worsen per day, it is definitely some form of skin disease. If it contagious, you should definitely keep yourself isolated from others to stop the infection from spreading. Here is a list of highly contagious skin disease that you should be aware of for your better health.

  • Scabies

This disease has its causes usually attributed to an eight legged bug which infects your skin causing rashes and blisters all over. So if you notice any unnatural looking blistery rash in your waist area or near the armpits, do get it checked by a doctor, before it spreads soon. In children, the symptoms are usually noticed around the neck and hands. Be careful, this particular disease has the highest rate of infestation!

  • Athlete’s foot

Well, this is a common foot problem found in diabetic patients but trust me when I say, it is highly contagious. This particular disease is caused by a common fungus and has symptoms of itching of the feet especially between the toes Extreme case may include discoloration of toenails.

  • Ringworm

This disease usually causes an itchy red rash in the form of a circle. This is a fungal attribute and direct contact with infected people or animals or simply incase of infected soil, there is a high chance of infestation. Better safe than sorry, take excellent care of your skin and always have precautionary measure ready on the go.

  • Impetigo

As funny as the name sounds, this is one of the highly contagious skin diseases. Found in children, it is often characterized by red and itchy blisters which give out fluid and then get healed. This is spread by direct contact with the infected people.

  • Measles

This is a viral infection and often results in fever and white spots inside the mouth. Rashes are an additional accompaniment. Spread through sneezing and coughing, it is highly advisable to get vaccine against the same for preventing the disease altogether.

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