No Shave November
No Shave November
No Shave November, is an annual event that includes growing facial hair during the month of November in order to raise awareness about various cancers, primarily prostate and testicular cancer in men. “Movember,” is a term coined by a group of young men in Adelaide, Australia, which later went on to become a nationwide phenomenon. The formation of the Movember Foundation Charity in 2004 saw the rise of numerous events to spread cancer awareness.

The goal of the No-Shave November movement is to encourage us to embrace our hair, which most cancer patients lose, and let it grow free. The money typically spent on grooming can be saved, and in turn be used to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and provide aids to the patients fighting for their lives. It aims to boost early detection of cancer, examination, and efficient treatment, which eventually helps in reducing cancer deaths.

Now, facial hair is a matter of pride for most men, and they wish to have a full beard as a sign to appear more masculine. But besides being a fashion trend, growing a beard can benefit your health as well. Here are the health benefits of beards;

  • They shade you from the sun:

A lot of skin exposure in men, leads to increase in wrinkles and rugged skin. The beard can protect your face as they can block up to 95 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Apart from that, it reduces a man’s risk of getting skin cancer.

  • Prevents throat disease:

Facial hair helps keep the airborne bacteria out of your mouth, in turn protecting your throat. It is believed that many cases of throat and lung-diseases can be permanently cured by wearing a beard.

  • Lowers chances of Bacterial Infection:

Beard ensures an additional layer on your face for protection. It protects you from the rise of open pores that bring in bacteria leading to infections and ingrown hair due to shaving.

  • Keeps you warm in winter:

Temperature dropping is no longer an issue, when your beard is at your rescue. Apart from keeping you warm, it can also help you battle colds by providing better insulation.

  • No more dry skin:

Another good thing about growing a beard is never worrying about the dryness of your skin. The hair keeps the cold wind out, helping the skin battle dryness. Also, the sebaceous glands provide better moisture when you have a beard.

  • Reduces symptoms of asthma:

Whether it is dust allergy, or asthma, facial hair helps by acting as a filter and prevent settling of allergies. The function of facial hair is similar to that of nasal hair, which helps keep toxins at bay.

  • Blemish-free skin:

Shaving brings with it various atrocities on your skin, like blemishes, cuts and ingrowths. So, when you have a beard, you don’t need to be worried about any of those, and enjoy a blemish-free skin.

Of course, having a beard is always better than not having one, and now, it is pretty safe to say that growing a beard has numerous benefits. But, amongst all the hype and hashtags, the meaning of the movement has been reduced to a mere competition. This needs to change, and the cause has to be addressed. So, drop those razors and be a part of No-Shave November.








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