Everything You Need To Know About Ankle Replacement Surgery

Ankle is the pivotal point on which the whole walking ability is sustained. However,  major damages or gradual wear and tear often lead to total ankle replacement conditions. Arthritis of the ankle results in a total knee/ ankle replacement surgery.

How does ankle arthritis happen?

Orthopaedics suggests that arthritis is the effect of obtained wear and tear of the ankle bone. Apart from that, it is also subjected to the fact that major damages which result in ankle dislocation also cause severe arthritis effects for the same.

Characteristic of ankle arthritis

The ankle bone is not just a single bone but a joint junction of two individual bones – one in the lower leg and the other is the foot’s first of bones, also named talus. Wear and tear of the cartilage around this joint or simply an injury to the same is the cause of ankle arthritis.

What is ankle/knee replacement surgery?>

This surgery is more of implants and is more of a treatment involving implants for an artificial ankle. However, the risks associated with this kind of surgery are loosening of the ankles in the future life, infection criteria, unnecessary blood clots, bone fractures and nerve cell wreckage.

What exactly happens in ankle replacement surgery?

This surgery is aimed at replacing the damaged ankle bone and an artificial one is implanted accordingly in the corresponding area. The surgeon makes a cut in the ankle where the joint is located. Once done, this joint is carefully handled to remove the damaged cartilage or bones and the corresponding metal parts for the same are implanted with the special glue to hold them in place. All this is done with the patient under anesthesia.

Arthritis and ankle replacement surgery

There are many factors attributing to the facilitation of the ankle replacement surgery but the most important of them all is the ankle arthritis that takes a heavy toll on the patient. Successful execution of the surgery ensures that the person is relieved of the pain and walking disabilities. However, it is always advisable to consider expert opinion regarding the surgery before opting for a total ankle replacement surgery.

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