Did You Know What You Eat Can Affect Your Mood Here’s How

Posted On Dec 24, 2019

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How we eat is how we live. Our eating habits give a clear reflection of our our health a few years down the line. In a world where health diseases are growing at a pace faster than developments in healthcare, we need to pay attention to eating habits. As per the WHO report, between the interval of the years 2030 and 2050 the deaths per year toll will go up to an additional 250,000 per year. Apart from the physical health, there are Mental Health Problem which are majorly overlooked. While mental health is determined by work stress, physical health, finances, weather and more, you might be unaware that the food you eat not only affects your physique, but also your mind. Everyone wants to feel positive, vibrant and calm. So read about these 5 foods that will keep you happy.

Foods that Help you Stay in Good Mood:

1) Dark Chocolate: As the chocolate’s rich flavor melts in one’s mouth, tension and anxiety also appear to dissipate. It is a personal favorite for kids, teenagers and so many adults. The scientific fact is that dark chocolate contains antioxidants that mellow down blood pressure. It also results in increased circulation of blood in the body and the presence of magnesium in the chocolate helps to decrease PMS.

2) Legumes: These foods hailing from the pea family, boost up a person’s energy. They increase the oxygen content and give strength. Peanuts and beans are members of this family that are rich in magnesium content. Deficiency of these makes an adult cranky because the recommended dietary allowances are not met.

3) Green Tea: Green Tea is known to reduce stress and anxiety. It does not matter whether an individual is an alcohol or drug addict, workaholic or has an unusual body mass, green tea works for all. You can use it in smoothies, marinades, and sauces. Also, green tea leaves can be used for cooking. But, make sure that you drink 5 cups or more for the desired results.

4) Tomatoes: They contain lycopene which helps in easing the breathing rate. This eventually helps in achieving a calm self. It helps to reduce the swelling in lungs due to allergy.

5Mushrooms: Mushrooms reduce drowsiness, tension, and strain. Vitamin D is necessary and we can get it from sunlight. However, the lack of time and our busy schedules have pulled us away from this vital nutrient. Mushrooms serve this purpose!

Eating is not merely to quench one’s hunger but is a lifestyle choice. For a better environment around you, create a better mood within you!