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Coconut Water During Pregnancy Myths And Facts

Posted On: Dec 26, 2019

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Everyone of us is fond of having cool, energizing, and natural coconut water in hot summers to beat the heat. Isn’t it nature’s gift which makes us more refreshing during our stressed out time? Yes, it does. It is a rich natural drink that has many vital nutrients that our body need. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes such as potassium, and magnesium. Its natural sweetness gives no scope for unnatural additives to mingle with it. It revitalizes your body when you are sick.

What benefits do you get by consuming coconut water?

It boosts your immunity.
It fights against dehydration.
It treats heart burn and constipation.
It detoxifies the body.
It revitalizes the electrolytes
It replenishes the lost fluids.

With all the best benefits, is coconut water a good choice during pregnancy?
Yes, of course. Coconut water is a safe drink that you can take during your pregnancy. Its natural vitamins and minerals make the drink suitable during your pregnancy. When you are in pregnancy, you may get exhausted and dehydrated easily due to physical and psychological changes. So, for preventing dehydration, vomiting, constipation, and infections coconut water is the best choice to opt for.

Nutritional value for one cup of coconut water:

Calories – 46
Sugars – 6.26 grams
Calcium – 6%
Dietary fiber – 2.6 grams
Sodium – 252 micro grams
Carbohydrates – 8.9 grams
Potassium – 600 micro grams

Myths and facts about coconut water during pregnancy:

MythCoconut water makes the baby’s skin fairer and makes the baby look beautiful

Fact: It is good to hear, but it remains just a wish. Exaggerating the benefits does not make them come true. Your baby’s health and skin color would depend purely on the genetic factor and cannot be altered just by drinking coconut water.

Myth: Drinking coconut water makes the baby’s hair grow thicker and stronger

Fact: Your baby’s hair strength and texture purely depend on the genetic factors. Drinking coconut water does not show any impact on hair growth of your baby. It’s just hearsay that was passed from generations.

Myth: A pregnant women can get all the required nutrients by drinking coconut water

Fact: On earth, there is no single food that contains all the pack set of nutrients. Although coconut water does have essential nutrients, it alone does not provide all the nutrients required when you are pregnant.

Myth: Coconut water causes acidity if consumed during pregnancy

Fact: No, it’s absolutely a myth. Coconut water does not cause acidity during pregnancy, and acidity that you may experience is due to the expansion of the belly that interferes with the digestion process.

Myth: Drinking coconut water during pregnancy makes the baby’s head as large as the coconut

Fact: Hilarious! It’s really surprising that people have such myths. But it is nowhere related that drinking coconut water does something to your baby’s head size.

Myth: Coconut water can be the best hydrating drink during your pregnancy

Fact: It is surprising to know that neither any of the sports drinks nor the coconut water has the best hydrating properties when compared to drinking water. So, you must have at least eight to twelve glasses of water per day to make yourself keep hydrated.

Drinking coconut water during pregnancy is really very advantageous, but you must also have an idea on how to drink it, so, here are few useful tips:

Moderate amounts of coconut water is not a substitute for drinking water. Both have different benefits in your body.
When buying coconut water, remember to choose a clean place to buy and also make sure that the vendor washes his or her hands. Select a tender green coconut.
Drink the coconut water as soon as it is opened; fresh water is always a hit. Check the water by pouring the water in a glass to know how it looks or drink it with a clean straw.
Yes! Drinking coconut water is always a good choice during your pregnancy, but you should not believe the flop myths related to drinking coconut water. It is just a nutrient filled hydrating drink that relishes and revitalizes you rather than doing any magical portion. So you must be wise enough to educate your brain saying it not to trust in unworthy myths.


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