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Causes Symptoms And Prevention Of Ear Infections And Hearing loss

Posted On: Dec 26, 2019

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Numerous people at one point in time or the other have an experience of the aching ear. Several times, they ignore them and believe it will go away with time by giving some rest to the ear. They end up leaving it untreated. Though the pain doesn’t cause many problems at that time, this pain can be dangerous in the long term.

If a person faces earache in a frequent or uncommon manner are generally suffering from ear infections. The fact is that several untreated ear infections cause permanent hearing loss in an unimaginable number of people all over the world. The only way one can prevent this is by addressing any signs of earache, particularly with their little ones!

Any person who is having doubt about any individual, who might have this infection, must find out the cause of ear infection and the effects the person can face. Most often, oral antibiotics can treat ear infections. Ear infections, in extreme cases, can cause a burst of the eardrum followed by severe pain.

In case this happens and the hole doesn’t cure, surgical intervention can be a significant option. The physician usually recommends taking the help of Pressure Equalization Tubes to the patients, who are suffering from repeated ear infections in a short span of time. Its use can keep the unwanted fluid from developing behind the eardrum.

An ear infection or unwanted pressure buildup behind a person’s eardrum is a big problem which is often the reason behind most of the frequent earaches. Ear infections are not caused by a single reason, they are caused by various factors. However, they are commonly caused due to allergies and the common cold.

The inside of a human ear is designed to permit fluids of the body to drain through the Eustachian tube into the back of the throat. The fluid gets collected behind the eardrums when this tube gets blocked or clogged. If the fluid stays in the ears for an extended period of time, it can become infected.

The biggest problem is that today’s young generation is more prone to such infection and it is harder to recognize its symptoms in them. However, as a parent, one can keep an eye on the following symptoms:

  • Changes in Sleep Pattern
  • Walking off balance
  • Pulling the ears
  • Fever (sometimes)

Early speech and language development may also get affected by an ear infection. A child’s normal speech and language development is a result of them being capable of hearing sounds and actively responding to them.

A child suffering from chronic ear infection might hear distorted sounds. They will be unable to interpret the speech sounds properly. Hence, they are unable to properly reproduce the sounds. For this very reason, the new patients who come to visit for a speech analysis also receive a hearing test to analyze better. If the person shows delays or speech difficulties, it’s important to ensure that it’s not caused due to their hearing problem. If it is so, they should first treat the real problem to cure other problems.

Temporary hearing loss is also one of the initial effects of ear infection. The person suffering might make things sound muffled or as if they are under the water.

If a child has a repeated ear infection, it can be treated by surgery by putting a tube in their ear. This surgery is usually performed by ENT doctors.

The conditions that affect the sinuses, oral cavity, larynx (voice box), upper pharynx (mouth and throat) and neck and face structures in both adults and children are diagnosed and treated by ENT doctors.

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