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Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology

Benefits of Diabetes Checkup

Posted On: Dec 27, 2019

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Diabetes is the chronic illness in which blood sugar or blood glucose becomes too high to maintain. The disease can severely affect many organs such as kidney, liver, heart etc. Diabetes has become one of the most common diseases, especially in India. Studies says that about 15% of the population of each city of the country is suffering from chronic diabetes.

There was a time when diabetes was only common among the old age people. Now the disease is attacking almost all the age groups including infants. According to experts, currently about 40 million people are suffering from diabetes which can rise up to 70 million by 2025. So it is very important to control the diabetes and also to maintain a lifestyle to prevent the disease.

Despite good efforts people fail to control the disease. Few of the reasons behind this failure are:

Improper or inadequate counseling of the patients who are not much familiar with the disease.
Taking insulin in an inadequate quantity which make it tough for the patient to achieve their target of reducing blood sugar level.
Lack of regular testing and follow up of diabetes. Diabetes cannot be cured and can be only managed time to time. Hence, it is very important to assess the blood sugar level in order to maintain it.
Delay in initiating insulin.
Inadequate understanding of the consequences of uncontrolled diabetes.

Hence, diabetes is a disease which requires regular care and intervention from both sides, i.e., the doctor and the patient. The patient should seek for the best diabetes checkup package or the center which offers best consultation along with tests to prevent the complications.

Our diabetes checkup packages are customized to meet the needs of a diabetes patient towards maintaining the disease. Plan a diabetes checkup and start maintaining blood sugar level, today.

Diabetes check up packages (Jaynagar)

The package comprises 7 tests; lipid profile, FBS, serum creatinine, PPBS, urine routine, HbA1c and Eye checkup along with consultation with a diabetologist and a dietician.

Diabetes checkup packages (Mangalore)

The package comprises 11 tests and 4 consultations which includes lipid profile, blood sugar tests, ECG, Urine analysis, serum TSH, serum creatinine, blood count, diabetic foot assessment, glycosylated HB along with podiatric surgery consultation, ophthalmology consultation, a physician consultation and a dietician consultation

Diabetes check up packages (Goa)

The package comprises of 15 tests and 3 consultations which includes blood investigations, urine analysis, cardiac profile, eye examination along consultation with a physician, a dietician and an eye specialist.

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