A Healthy Youth Can Transform The World This International Youth Day Pledge To Stay Fit Stay Healthy

Today’s generation of youth is the largest in history, with nearly 3 billion young people under the age of 30. Being half of the world’s inhabitants, the youth generation promises an unmatched potential that can be harnessed for the betterment of our society. To recognize the efforts and contributions of the youth towards the prosperity of the global society, the UN along with the world fraternity celebrate ‘International Youth Day‘ on August 12 every year since 2000. It intends to promote ways to encourage them to active participation in making positive contributions to our society.

A healthy and happy youth is better equipped to contribute to the global society as young citizens despite the disturbances and disputes occurring in the world they are about to inherit. Unhealthy habits coupled with ill-health act as an obstacle to their growth and prevents them from realizing their complete potential. Unhealthy habits like lack of physical activity, smoking, and consuming alcohol can not only endanger their health but also the health of their future generation. Promoting healthy lifestyle and taking steps for the prevention of health issues will aid in securing the future of our youth generation. It is rightly said that good habits formed at youth makes all the difference.

A healthy youth is the backbone of our society. So, this International Day, Lets Pledge to #StayFitStayHealthy!

                                                  Pledge now – http://bit.ly/2aBFcsF

‘Now’ is the best time to start living our life in a healthy way by adopting the following tips.

Pledge 1

Cultivating daily exercise habits at young age forms the foundation for good health in adulthood. Thirty minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day reduces the risk of all the major life-threatening diseases in the later stages of life. This Youth Day, let’s pledge to spend 30 minutes every day for exercise activities.


Pledge 2

Developing healthy eating habits like avoiding foods high in saturated fats, trans-fatty acids, and free sugars, aid in living a life free from diabetes, obesity, and other health issues. Let’s pledge to develop healthy eating habits to stay fit and healthy. Right food at right time ensures a healthy you. Book an appointment at our best multispeciality hospital.


Pledge 3

Stress and depression are the common causes of illness among youth. Given the pace of the modern lifestyle, we get so consumed by work that we often tend to ignore our mental and emotional needs which give rise to various mental health issues. It is depressing to know that suicide is the third cause of death globally. Stress and depression need serious intervention in the early stages before it develops into mental health illness. This Youth Day, let’s pledge to stay cheerful and stress -free!


Pledge 4

Harmful drinking and smoking habits are the major cause of premature deaths of youth on a global scale. Our body is the healthiest when young, do not spoil it with smoking and drinking. This Youth Day, let’s pledge to quit smoking and drinking in order to lead a healthy life.


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So, hurry and take the pledge!

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