A Guide For Happier Bones And A Happy You

When you are young, your bones are stronger and maintain the bone density by producing new bone tissue at the normal rate when a break down occurs. But as you age, the bone density may not be maintained unless you take proper care. It can lead to osteoporosis which is a bone-thinning disease. Osteoporosis can lead to brittle bones and increase the risk of fractures with falls or injuries. Thus, maintaining the bone’s health is important so that you can stay active at all times.

You might be thinking that it is a tough job protecting your bones, especially as you grow older. But chuck your thoughts! It is not really that difficult. There are several natural ways you can build your bone strength. If you can give an insight into your diet, physical activity, and certain lifestyle factors, you are half done. And then, all you need to do is just implement those simple changes for better bone strength and health.

Follow these….

Stay physically active

If your work involves sitting stationary without much of the physical activity, then give it a thought. You are more prone to osteoporosis than those who are physically active. To energize your bone strength and keep your spirit up, pick your favorite weight-bearing exercises, such as walking or jogging and do them regularly. Strength training programs can also help you extensively to build your bone density. Get involved in such programs.

Lose your weight

Higher the fat in your body, higher is the stress on your joint bones. So if you can lose few pounds of your body weight, you are reducing a proportional pressure especially on the weight bearing joint bones, i.e. the knee joint. Best advice is not to diet! It can cause extra weight gain after you stop dieting. Instead, eat healthy food. Go for foods rich in fibers, proteins and low in carbohydrates and fats. Consume more fruits and vegetables regularly. Also, do some exercises to cut down your weight. Persistence is important; otherwise, you will regain your weight. Visit the orthopedic hospital to know more.

Stay relaxed and positive

Of course, it is not easy to stay completely free from stress in our lives. But trying to minimize it should not be difficult. Stress has an acidifying effect on your body and to negate this, the alkalinizing calcium from your bones is drawn, thereby weakening the bones. So, try to stay happy and it can make a big difference on your bones! You can opt for your own stress-reducing techniques which could be listening to music, singing or dancing, talking to your friends and family members, etc.

Get a good night’s sleep

It is found that sleep is a paramount for our skeletal system too. Sleep deprivation can lower the melatonin hormone which accelerates the bone loss and can lead to osteoporosis.

Think twice about taking tobacco and alcohol

Abusing tobacco and alcohol are not good for any reason. Along with their many other harmful effects, is their ill effect on bones. Alcohol and tobacco can interfere with the calcium absorption ability of your body, decreases blood supply to the bone and breaks down estrogen which is required for bone strength. Both active and passive smokers are at risk. You are at a higher risk of osteoporosis if you cannot control to have less than two drinks per day. It is worth to give it a try to curb on these bad trends.

More devils

Go easy on caffeine, energy drinks and carbonated beverages as they can cause a negative imbalance in the calcium levels in your body. Also, salt in excess can eliminate calcium through sweat and urine.

Rethink on the osteoporosis drugs

If your goal is short-term, then yes, osteoporosis drugs can offer it by increasing the bone density when you have weak bones. But, no drug so far introduced is without a side effect, likewise the osteoporosis drugs. They act against your body mechanism and can alter the bone metabolism; they can decrease your pH, and you may need more alternative drugs to suppress these side effects. So, check with your doctor if you can continue taking these drugs or should look for any other options.

Overusing certain medications?

If you have been using corticosteroid medications such as prednisone, prednisolone, cortisone, etc. for a long time, then you might be putting your bone’s health at stake. Also, certain other drugs used for breast cancer treatment, anti-seizure drugs, drugs used in the treatment of ulcers, etc. can cause osteoporosis and weaken your bones. So, take your doctor’s suggestion before using any of these medicines.

Optimal food combinations for a balanced pH

If your body has accumulated acid wastes, it is the bones that are targeted. Puzzled why? As you all know that the bones are the greatest reservoirs of calcium, a potent alkalizer, the body system starts draining the calcium from the bones making them weak.

Include plenty of calcium in your diet as recommended by your doctor. Sources of calcium include dairy products, soy, almonds, broccoli, etc. If your diet isn’t adequately supplying the calcium you need, take your doctor’s help for calcium supplements. It’s not enough if your focus is on calcium alone because, without adequate vitamin D, the absorption of calcium in the body can be hindered. And if you are thinking about how to prevent this, it’s simple! Expose yourself for some time to morning sunlight, take foods such as oily fish, egg yolk, or milk fortified with vitamin D.

Get regular check-ups

Don’t neglect yourself! Consulting a doctor regularly is quite important. Check if your bones are in a proper condition or if they need any treatment. If so, take the medications as directed by your physician.

Don’t let those bad changes in your bones catch you by surprise at some time in life. Maintain your bone health so that you don’t have to slow down as you age. Get ready to supercharge your bone's strength by following the easy tips suggested through this blog.

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