9 Of The Grossest Pregnancy Secrets No One Talks About

Posted On Dec 23, 2019

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The news of being pregnant brings a lot of joy and excitement and the mother-to-be will soon start planning and prepare. But very few are actually aware that there are few gross factors involved in this journey of pregnancy that one may not enjoy but have to live with during this phase of life. Women only come to know of these facts once they progress in the pregnancy.

Given below are nine such gross pregnancy secrets:

1. Acne

Many women during their pregnancy start to get painful acne on various parts of their body lies face, neck, behind the ears, back, chest, etc. This can be worst than the acne problems women experienced during their teenage years. For some, they might have clear skin all through their pregnancy but develop skin problems post-delivery.

2. Heightened sense of smell

Women will feel that their nose has become more powerful than before. Some women may not be able to take the sense of a certain type of food and therefore will have to avoid such food during their entire pregnancy. Some may have issues with certain deodorants or sprays which they were using before but can’t stand the fragrance of it anymore.

3. Morning sickness and nausea

The most common symptoms of being pregnant. Almost all women experience this and very few escape from this problem. In many cases, the sickness reduces or stops post the first trimester, but for some, it continues throughout their pregnancy. Some women also get hospitalized due to dehydration caused by this sickness.

4. Body pain & tiredness

There will be body pain, backaches, headaches and tiredness throughout pregnancy making one feel sick and less active.

5. Snoring & Drooling

Even though one never snored before, during pregnancy it is quite common to snore. Snoring can at times be very loud and annoying. Some will also drool making the hair and pillow wet. And drooling will not stop at sleep; one may also drool while eating.

6. Sweat profusely

Pregnant women sweat all the time and there will be sweat stains on the clothes and bedsheets.

7. Mum-nesia and general dementia

During pregnancy, women are generally irritated and angry for no reason. And at times over emotional while watching movies or commercials. Also, women tend to get paranoid and hyper over small matters and forget things they were about to do.

8. Frequent bathroom visits

Pregnant women have the tendency to pee way too often and this urge of peeing increases in the later stage of pregnancy. And some have constipation problem because of prenatal vitamins. So every bathroom visit will become a nightmare.

9. Farting

By mid-pregnancy gas problems and farting is very common. Women also experience unbearable gas pains.

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