9 Common Health Issues Faced By Women

Reproductive health, violence against women, and nutritional status are the cardinal factors that have led to the bad healthcare status of women in our country. It’s important to consider that poor health affects not only women but also has repercussions for their infants and other family members. Women in poor health are more likely to give birth to low-weight infants, provide inadequate care to their children and contribute less to the household’s economy. Women’s health-related issues must be addressed with absolute promptness. The health risks identified for various individuals differ based on their gender, age, BMI, etc. Women are prone to different types of health risks which vary considering age factor and the build of the body.

Listed below are top problems related to women’s health :

  • Heart disease-  It is one of the primary and the foremost health threats faced by women. The present unhealthy lifestyle coupled with uncanny healthy habits lead to heart diseases. However one can reduce the risk of heart disease with a planned diet and fitness regimes for the same.


  • Cancer

Most important of all is breast cancer which is highly prevalent in women. This is however not the most fatal when compared to lung cancer which takes a heavy toll on women’s health. Breastfeeding, quitting tobacco habits, and healthy lifestyle habits reduce the risk of breast and lung cancer.


  • Diabetes

Excessive blood sugar is one essential aspect that totally governs the basic threat to women’s health. However, a regulated lifestyle and a health-friendly diet should help fix it.


  • Kidney problems

The high exposure to excessive diabetes or simply a high BP is enough to instigate severe kidney problems in women. This apparently causes body wastes to accumulate in the blood thus affecting women’s health.


  • Blood poisoning

A massive build-up of wastes in the blood and infection of the same causes severe blood poisoning and is usually contracted from other infections of the other organs of the body.


  • Influenza

This lung ailment is contagious and is considered highly dangerous. Vaccination against the same is highly advisable to reduce the risk of exposure to fatal health issues.


  • Alzheimer’s disease

This is a brain disorder that worsens with time and is usually a result of indeterminate stress on the mind of women. Essential women care conditions should be maintained in the surroundings to ensure that the latter is not prone to serious cases of this disease.

  • Osteoporosis

A prevalent symptom is excruciating back pain that never goes away. Possible causes include age factors, heredity, hormonal influences, etc. This can be avoided by taking a properly planned diet and cutting down on bad habits like smoking to prevent further damage.

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