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7 Steps To A Fresh And Clean Skin

Posted On: Dec 24, 2019

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Our environment is polluted with dust and smoke, and many other stressors which harm our skin. The environment we are exposed to, makes our skin tone uneven, increases the aging signs, and also increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Washing the face not only helps in getting a glowing skin, it also helps you to get rid off all the pollutants, chemicals and any other stressors you have been exposed to, during the day.

Importance of washing your face regularly:

  • Makes you feel fresh and relaxed
  • Keeps your skin free from chemicals and pollution.
  • Makes the skin to look clean
  • Brightens the skin
  • Prevents excess secretion of oil on the skin
  • Prevents the skin from dehydration

What happens when we do not wash our face?

Among all the other parts of the body, the face is the most exposed part. During the day, many stressors like harmful rays of the sun, humid climate, harsh conditions, smoke and many others stressors tend to damage our face.

Our skin has a special ability to build up a barrier called as sebum to fight against all the stressors, which causes damage to our face. Sebum is an oily substance, which acts as a moisture barrier.

Sebum being a protective barrier, can also harm the skin if left without washing for a long period of time. When a person doesn’t wash face, this increases the risk of mixing of sebum with makeup, dirt or sweat which leads to the of the risk of formation of acne due to the blockage of skin follicle. This skin prone to acne looks very unhealthy and dull.

Steps to wash the face:

Everybody washes their face daily, but the way may differ for every individual. Only washing face is not important, washing the face in a proper way is very important to have a fresh, clean and glowing skin. Here are some steps to wash the face properly:

Step 1: selection of a proper face wash

The idea of using a soap for washing face is not good because soap has a different pH from that of skin and it also makes your skin very dry.

Many different types of face washes, which suit your facial conditions, are available in the market. Among them, select a face wash depending upon your skin type.

It is very important to have a look at the ingredients given on the label.

Look for the date of manufacturing as well as the date of expiry before buying it.

Step 2:

Before washing your face, make sure to remove your makeup by using coconut oil and cotton.

Step 3:

Before using the face wash, check the indications given in that. Some face washes can be used in warm water and the others should be used with cold water.

Before beginning the face wash, make sure to clean your hands properly.

Step 4:

Use warm water to clean your face before applying the face wash.

Take some quantity of face wash on your palm as recommended on the label, and then massage it in a circular motion on your face with your fingers. Be very careful while washing around the sensitive regions of a face like around the eyes and eyelids. Avoid the product from entering into the eye.

Make sure all the area of your face has being covered.

Step 5:

Now clean the face with cold water so that all the pores get closed. Gently, pat dry your face with a neat, clean and a dry soft towel.

Step 6:

The process does not end here. To avoid dryness, apply a moisturizer to prevent the skin from getting dry and keeping it hydrated and nourished.

Step 7:

Even though it is very important to keep the skin clean and healthy, washing the face too many times may make your face to look very dry and dehydrated.

Tips for healthy and clean skin:

  • Wash your face twice a day.
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking water.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on the skin.
  • Eat foods that are rich in vitamin E.
  • Try to avoid exposure to harmful rays of the sun.
  • Use homemade creams and bleaches to prevent the risk of skin damage.

If you have any doubts relating to skin, feel free to consult our expert dermatologist. Click here to book an appointment now.

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