7 Fruits That Help You In Weight Loss

Posted On Dec 24, 2019

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There has been a growing trend among people to significantly reduce their weight. Visiting fitness centers, browsing the internet to find out weight reduction tips, calorie counting, and following diet books are among the most prevalent practices that people, today, are following for weight reduction. However, the results have not always turned out to be positive for everyone. .

Do you know why? It is because we only exercise rigorously and fail to maintain a proper healthy diet. As said, the key to staying fit is 70% diet and only 30% exercise.

Dietary Fiber for Weight Loss

One effective way that will help in weight loss is the adequate consumption of fiber. Pieces of evidence suggest that people who consume more fiber are more likely to have a healthier body weight. Fiber contains carbohydrates but is not easily digested by our body. It passes quickly through our system without having our blood sugar(level) to rise. In terms of categorization, fiber is either soluble or insoluble. Soluble fiber helps us lose weight and create a positive effect on our metabolism and health. Major sources of fiber include fruits and vegetables. Usually, fiber resides in the skin or membrane of the fruits and vegetables. For example, an apple without its skin is less nutritious in comparison to the unpeeled one. Some other rich sources of fiber include strawberries and raspberries.

How Does Fiber Help in Weight Loss?

Fiber does not have any fat burning properties. Instead, its consumption makes us feel full. As mentioned above, a soluble fiber that helps in weight reduction produces a kind of gel in your stomach that leads to lower absorption of sugar. Ultimately, lesser fat is stored in your body due to the lower level of insulin or blood sugar level.

Presence of Fiber in Fresh Fruits

As mentioned above, major sources of fiber include fruits and vegetables. Fruits that contain 5 grams fiber per reference amount can be labeled as fiber-rich edibles. It is advised to consume fiber from fresh fruits instead of consuming it in the form of powders and gummies. Such supplements do not prove healthy for your body as they provide no food value and nutrients.

Consume Fruits For Weight Loss

Here’s a list of seven fruits that you can consume to reduce your body weight.


Apples are a rich source of minerals, vitamin, and fiber. They are low in calorie that will help you to remain slim.


A pack of pears contains lots of fiber that will keep you full.


Bananas are high in fibre as well as potassium. They are rich in vitamin B6 that boosts your immunity system.


Blueberries fight back fat cells and are high content of antioxidants. Add some fresh blueberries to your breakfast for reduced body weight.


Strawberries are one of the fat-burning fruits as they aid in the production of hormones called adiponectin and leptin. These hormones are metabolic boosters.


The black seeds in kiwis are the insoluble fiber that helps in digestion. However, kiwis also contain soluble fiber that keeps your stomach full.


Grapefruit is low in calorie and high in fiber. Have a half grapefruit as part of your breakfast, and get slimmer.

Thus, fiber consumption is necessary as it not only helps in weight loss but also improves our body metabolism and strengthens the immunity system. Apart from this, it also triggers improved glucose tolerance and balanced insulin level that in turn leads to lesser fats storage in our body.

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