6 Useful Tips To Prevent Neck And Back Pain

Neck and back pain has become a common health problem these days. With sedentary lifestyle and regularly working on computers, there is a constant rise of neck and back problems among the youngsters. Neck and back pains are often ignored till they become severe and uncontrollable.

Spinal health and care is important for our well-being and should not be neglected. Back and neck pain may be due to various causes related to muscle or bone problems. Given below are few ways, neck and back pain can be prevented or controlled.

  1. Work related precautions: In the modern age of computers, it is difficult to abstain from this machine at work. Make sure to position your computer screen at your eye level to avoid neck pain. Your job may require you to sit sedentary in a single place for hours together. So it is important to choose a comfortable work chair and position to give your back the support and angle it requires.

Also, make it a point to get up and go for a short walk and stretch your muscle at regular intervals of time, as and when you find time.

  1. Cell phone related precautions:

    Regular usage of smart phones has taken a toll on our spinal health. Neck strain due to constantly looking down on our phones is the primary cause of neck pain. Avoid constant texting on your phone and try to use your phone at your eye level whenever possible. Stooping down your neck for longer periods strains the joints, ligaments, discs as well as muscles in your neck region which may even spread to your back area.

  2. Relevant exercise:

    It is not only important to do cardio but it is also equally essential to do relevant exercises that are meant for your back and neck. Regular sets of strengthening and stretching exercises for neck and back should be incorporated into your fitness regime. Many yoga postures also help keep your neck and back healthy.

  3. Hydration:

    Drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself hydrated is important to keep the inter-vertebral discs in your spinal column, strong and flexible. Water is important for our overall health including our neck and back.

  4. Load management:

    Everyone carries heavy bags on a daily basis. Laptop bags, hang bags, shopping bags, etc. should be carried by distributing their load evenly around our body. Try to carry shoulder bags which support on both your shoulders instead of one-shoulder side sling bags, which tend to put pressure on only one side of your body. Uneven load distribution on a regular basis may deteriorate your spinal health causing neck and back pain.

  5. Sleeping posture:

    A correct sleeping posture not only prevents unwanted sprains in your neck and back but it also heals all body pains during the time you rest your body and put it to sleep. Incorrect sleeping positions might increase your neck and back pains, if not causing them. Also, using the right pillow to support your neck is important to prevent neck pains. Choose a pillow which comforts you by aligning your spine in the desired way.

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