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6 Tips to Prevent Asthma Attacks

Posted On: Nov 26, 2019

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More than half of the global population is worried about Asthma and getting a sure-shot cure for the health issue is tough. Severe and continuous coughing and wheezing are the primary asthma symptoms and the main causes that trigger the problem include pollution, an unbearable cold environment, allergies to chemicals or specific fragrances, flu virus, etc. Asthma has been a vital topic for medical researchers for a long while but medical experts are still not able to discover a cure that is 100% efficient for Asthma treatment. There is no specific trigger of Asthma that incite sudden asthma attack for every Asthma patient. The triggers may vary for different Asthma patients. The first thing is to identify the causes due to which a patient faces frequent Asthma attacks and keep the patient away from those triggers as much as possible. Depending on the years of Asthma treatments, the highly effective and reliable tips that can help an Asthma patient avoid a sudden attack are mentioned below.

  • Say No to Smoking – Smoking affects the lungs severely, especially when you are going through Asthma trouble. In most Asthma cases, the rate of wheezing or coughing steps up when the patient is exposed to a smoky environment. An asthma patient must not allow anyone to smoke around them or avoid places where he/she is prone to smoke. Not only tobacco smoke but any kind of smoke inside the home must be removed using an exhauster appliance.
  • Avoid Stress – Too much excitement also acts as a trigger to an Asthma attack. Try to remain in a balanced state. Accept all kinds of emotional stuff lightly. Find a workplace that offers you a serene atmosphere and tolerable pressure of work. Avoid arguments with people.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures – Try to make yourself comfortable at a normal temperature. Avoid excessively hot or chilled environment exposure. Keep the Air Condition temperature normal. Say goodbye to the humid environment. Fresh morning environment exposure is a good natural treatment for Asthma.
  • Maintain Cleanliness Around – Dust is the most trigger for Asthma patients. Whether you are an Asthma patient or not, you may be allergic to dust and find yourself in a terrible sneezing situation after the dust exposure. It is better to keep the household interiors clean. Maintain regular cleaning.
  • Remove Damp inside Home – Damp also adds to Asthma attacks and you must have a dehumidifier in your home. Try to keep your bathroom and kitchen area free of dampness and humidity.
  • Stay Away from Insects and Animals – Most Asthma patients are allergic to different pets and insects. Keep disinfectant liquid or spray at home and avoid contact with any kind of animal if you are not sure about which animal triggers the Asthma attacks in you.
  • Get Flu Vaccine – Medical experts suggest taking the flu vaccine during Asthma to lessen the probability of the attacks.
  • Food & Fitness – Asthma patients are usually prescribed a special diet chart. You can’t have everything that fascinates you when you are suffering from Asthma. Try going for the prescribed organic food and avoid fast food.

As it is said – “prevention is better than cure”, one must take care of the triggers or possible triggers to avoid a huge medical expense for Asthma treatment. Visit your nearest healthcare center at least once a month and let your doc know about your present Asthma status.

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