5 Things you can Control to Maintain a Regular REM Sleeping Pattern

Science of sleep is receiving more attention than ever-before; a healthy and complete life is co-related to a long and undisturbed sleep every day. But studying the sleep has always been a mystery to modern science. While the traditional means of observation and audience feedback was considered incomplete, the modern Polysomnogram and ECG instruments have found larger application at the sleep study.

According to modern studies, sleep can be maintained into different levels. Among the different levels of sleep, the deepest stage is known as REM sleep. REM sleeping is considered the healthiest and most rejuvenating among the different stages of sleep.

Why is REM sleep Important?

The REM is abbreviated as “Rapid EYE Movement”, because at this stage your eye moves fast and randomly. And you start to dream, that is often forgotten when you wake-up. REM sleep is the stage where in your body starts completely relaxing and repairing itself; The REM sleep is also critical for the nervous system to repair its systems. Meanwhile, at REM stages your bodily activity, including heartbeat and respiratory functions goes below the normal levels, signaling a lower level of the normal bodily activities.

While the REM sleep cycle is undeniably critical, the modern lifestyle and pressure’s makes it difficult to achieve.

Maintain a healthy Sleep Cycle

Ever wondered how the birds have such a healthy sleeping cycle. The secret lies at a sleeping clock, maintained at a special portion of the brain.

The brain has a physical sleeping cycle-clock, constantly maintaining the sleep-log.  A healthy biological clock prompts you to fall asleep at the right moment and guides you through the entire sleeping night.

Practice waking up at the Right Time

If you practice falling asleep at the right time, you can also practice waking-up the right time. Ideally you should wake-up at the end of a sleep cycle.

Each sleep cycle or REM cycle lasts for around 70-90 minutes. According to this principle, having a six and half hours of sleep means that you are enjoying four complete sleep cycles. Meanwhile, having a seven hour sleep means that you are waking-up in the middle of a sleep cycle, which could make you feel tired and drowsy.

Drink Right Amount of Water before Going to Sleep

Dehydration is a frequent reason for waking-up from a healthy sleep cycle. Always ensure that you drink a glass of water before you go to sleep. However, you drink too much water and it could be a reason to wake-up from sleep.

Practice Regular Work-Out

As sleeping is essentially an activity of your brain, having a healthy brain is important for a healthy sleep. A regular exercise practice can establish a stronger cardio-vascular system and brain. Also working-out in the earlier part of the day ensures that your heart rate isn’t elevated right before you go to sleep.

Control the Light and Temperature of your Room

For a sound sleep, having a strictly controlled light and temperature is critically important. Especially at a city environment, your bedroom could be constantly vulnerable to stray lights and sounds.  Drawing your curtains or using ear-buds may be especially useful for maintaining a controlled ambience in your rooms.

Beware of your Food Consumption

Always maintain a strict awareness of all your food items. Taking coffee or spicy food at the last five hours before you go to sleep is associated with sleep apnea. If you are finding yourself regularly in the middle of the disturbed sleeping pattern, cut-down on your coffee consumption.


These are the primary steps that help you achieve deeper and refreshing sleep. The continuous sleep deprivation could signal a deeper medical problem and requires the attention of a medical practitioner.


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