5 Reasons Why You Should Get Pregnant Before You Hit 30

Posted On Dec 23, 2019

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Is there a perfect age for pregnancy? If you want to build your career and postpone having a family, are you putting yourself and your child at risk? Well, these are questions for which answers cannot be found on a generic page full of pregnancy tips and tricks. It rather depends on an individual, their overall health, and their priorities. When you have your child young around the 20’s, you are bubbling with energy that obviously decreases after 30 or 40. Around the 30’s if you plan a child you have a set career and can afford to take the break. However, here are a few reasons why planning the pregnancy comes with its advantages:

1. Higher The Age, Higher The Risk

The chances of miscarriage and having children with abnormalities and down syndrome are very high in women conceiving after 35 years of age. The chances of multiple births also are higher in late pregnancies.

2. The Ability To Deal With The Pregnancy Signs

As you grow older, there are way too many changes occurring in your body. As the pregnancy stages develop your ability to deal with the pregnancy signs and symptoms may reduce, leaving you irritated rather than being able to enjoy this phase of life.

3. Chances Of Infertility Grow Higher

If you were to listen to pregnancy tips from your grandma, she would probably tell you how women become infertile after 30 and hence you should plan the baby young. However, although this is not completely true, yes the chances of conceiving grow dimmer if you push it too late due to various reasons including hormonal imbalances and the production of faulty eggs.

4. Your Parental Support

Having support from your parents through your pregnancy stages is a huge support to have around as no one understands us better than our own parents. Besides, the kids born young enjoy the love, attention and time from grandparents which is difficult if you delay your pregnancy too much.

5. Regaining Your Fitness

A woman’s body undergoes a number of changes during pregnancy. It is easier to shed off the pregnancy weight and regain your fitness levels when you deliver young rather than late delivery. In the case of a pregnancy post 35, the pregnancy could leave your body hormones unbalanced causing other ailments.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Pregnant Before You Hit 30