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5 Questions to ask your Cardiologist

Posted On: Dec 27, 2019

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If you are planning for your first heart checkup then the first thing which will come to your mind is to ask the cardiologist so that you can get detailed information about your heart condition and that too without any confusion. Here are the five important questions which you’ll expect your cardiologist to answer about.

How long do I have to wait for my treatment?

Once you are diagnosed with a disease which needs hospital treatment, you will definitely want to get it over as soon as possible and that too with perfect treatment. Usually, the heart stenting procedure takes two days. But treatment duration basically depends upon the kind of treatment you have to go through and which the cardiologist will recommend to you after the diagnosis. So ask the cardiologist about the detailed duration of the treatment.

How much it will cost and the procedure for the payment?

The very important thing which you will want to know is exactly how much the heart procedure and the hospital treatment will cost you so that from the very beginning you can set up your budget and make plans according to that; Claiming health insurance etc. You can also ask about the procedure of the payment like how much you have to pay before and after the procedure and if you can pay it by check, cash, debit or credit.

How many heart treatments you have done to date and do you have advanced technology?

It is very important to know in detail who is going to carry out your heart procedure and if they have access to the latest technologies for the treatment or not. And even after they have access, are they capable of using those technologies or not?

How long will I have to stay at the hospital and how long will it take me to recover completely?

You may be able to go home after the coronary angiogram the same day or the other day after a long rest. For a heart bypass operation you may expect to stay at the hospital for a week and recovery time will be six to nine months of full bed rest. Again staying and recovery time depends upon the procedure under which you will go. So ask in detail about the recovery and staying duration after the procedure and the precautions which you should follow while recovering.

What are the hospital facilities for the patients and the visitors?

Ask in detail about the facilities which you will get from the hospital; nurse call-bell, air-conditioner control system, visiting hours, lighting switch, meal facilities. For visitors, you can ask about the TV, internet facilities etc.

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