5 Healthy New Years Resolutions You Should Make

Posted On Dec 27, 2019

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In the beginning of every year, we set goals for good health as our new year resolutions. But most of the time, we slip to your old ways by compromising on health. So, shall we set some simple health goals for 2016? Why not!

5 SIMPLE HEALTH GOALS: Just stick to these five things in the coming year and beyond, and enjoy good health!

See a doctor

Now is the best time to get a complete health check-up and consultation with your regular healthcare provider. This can help evaluate your lifestyle which you were following in the previous year along with developing a better one for healthier 2016.

No idea where to go? We can help you in that!

Below are few of the packages available at Manipal Hospitals:

Platinum health check packages

These packages consist of 47 tests and 9 consultations that can help you assess your overall health.
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Comprehensive health check packages

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Exercise regularly

Physical activities can help you prevent many chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Moreover, it can also help you strengthen your bones. This new year start your mornings with light workout.

Make ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ your daily mantra

Although we all are familiar with this phrase, few of us follow it. But, you may not be realizing how many health benefits are associated with this super-fruit. Few of them are:

  • It helps you get whiter, healthier teeth.
  • It helps keep Alzheimer away and fights the effects of aging on the brain.
  • It helps reduce the risk of developing pancreatic cancer by up to 23 per cent.
  • It reduces the risk of diabetes by 28 per cent.
  • It helps keep your heart healthy.
  • It helps boost your immune system.

… And many more.

So, start eating apples to reap advantages of its health benefits.

Quit smoking or never start

Smoking can cause lung diseases and cancer. In addition, it can affect your health in many ways. It can reduce the blood flow to the kidneys and interfere with medications used to treat high blood pressure.

Quitting can be difficult but it’s not impossible. Want some help? We are here!

  1. How to effectively quit smoking without relapse
  2. To quit is not an easy task. SUPPORT THEM!

Get organized

When it comes to health, it is important to be organized. Keep a track of your medical reports and lab documents. There are many free mobile apps – available on apple store, Google play or other sources – that can help keep track of your recent doctor’s visits, examination results, health parameters along with latest health trends.

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Don’t forget to clean out your medicine cabinet on a regular basis. Throw away the expired medicines.

Well, it’s not like these are the only things that can lead you to a healthier tomorrow! Tell us what are the other resolutions you are making for your good health.