5 Foods That Help Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Modern life demands a lot. It demands time. It demands hard work. It also demands to multitask. People usually yield to the demand. The immediate result of this lifestyle is heart problem. Increasing cholesterol, rather bad cholesterol is the worrisome effect of chasing something all day long. Added to the race against time is the bad eating habit. Junk food joints have become the holy shrine of modern-day eaters. Can you really blame the heart for suffering from various ailments? Not really, you cannot. However, with little care, you can deal with this problem. With little sensible steps, you can acquire a good heart and bid adios to bad cholesterol. You just have to make friendship with healthy foods.


This is the king of all healthy foods. Yes, of course, you have heard of it. You probably have wrinkled your nose at the mention of oats. However, this is the food which can protect you from getting into heart trouble. This is the food which can control cholesterol. Make it a habit to begin your day with oats. If you eat oats with 3 grams soluble fibers, you will be able to lower your cholesterol level down within a short while.

Green Tea

Looking for a refreshing way of starting your day? Try drinking green tea. According to the studies, green tea lowers cholesterol levels down. This is one of the various benefits of green tea. One of the benefits is that it helps you control your weight too. However, make sure not to over-drink it as it contains high caffeine.


Your search for soluble fibers should lead you to beans and lentils. These two food items contain high soluble fibers which take a long time to get digest. Therefore, your stomach feels full. This can be a healthy way to lose weight.


If you Know About Good & Bad Cholesterol, you must also know that the munching habit can be a deadly one for cholesterol level. Replace your juicy burgers or chocolate cookies with nuts. These are healthy and tasty too. You will be able to snack without feeling guilty. Yes, according to the myth nuts are loaded with fat. However, this is unsaturated. It reduces the risk of blood clot. It also lowers bad cholesterol level.


Combine taste with health with soya food. It helps lowering cholesterol level. If you are worried about your boring diet chart, you can add this food item to your list. Soya can be cooked in various ways. You can pull out many tasty recipes which can turn your boring diet menu into an exciting one. You can add soya milk and yogurt to your eating list. Soya nuts are also high on demand.

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