4 Simple Tricks For Mindful Eating To Avoid Weight Gain

Posted On Dec 24, 2019

Aruna Mallya

Senior Dietitian

Manipal Hospitals - Mangalore

Mindful eating is nothing but having a conscious and healthy diet. In fact, it’s more about mastering control over your mind. It has been used to treat a wide range of eating issues, from the inability to lose weight, to eating disorders. It makes you aware of how you eat, what you eat, how much you eat, and why you eat. Try the following simple tricks for enjoying meals.

Try the following simple tricks to enjoy your meals.

Chew the food in the right way

Chewing is the process of breaking down the food from large particles into smaller particles or more easily digestible form. It also makes it easy for your body to absorb the sufficient nutrients and energy from the food. Have small bites of food and chew until it gets liquefied. Swallow the chewed food completely before taking another bite. When you chew, the food gets more exposed to saliva. The longer you chew, the more time you will take to finish your food. In turn, you can avoid gaining weight.

Eat at regular intervals

Follow the regular timings every day. Eating at regular intervals keeps your weight in control. Keep two hours gap between meals so that your stomach gets enough time to digest the consumed food. It also helps to prevent the strong feeling of hunger so that you can eat less.

Beware of eating without hunger

It is very essential to have a control on eating. Some people eat uncontrollably (binge eating), some eat more when they are emotional, and some have a habit of eating heavily in the night. Know your triggers of non-hunger eating and try some measures to overcome them. You can distract yourself when you feel emotional by taking a walk or having a chat with a friend. You can eat a healthy snack instead of processed foods. Visit Manipal the Nutrition And Dietetics hospital in Bangalore to know more about the treatment.

Know what, when and how to eat

Most of us have an opinion that dieting can reduce weight. Diet does not mean skipping the meals. It means taking the right food at the right time. You should not skip your meals. Many people have the habit of skipping the breakfast as they do not have time, but they do not know that it leads to acidity, gastric reflux, and also extra fat gets deposed in the cells leading to overweight.

You can eat heavy breakfast so that you can have the energy to work for the whole day. Have relatively small lunch to get energy. Eat less at night but do not skip. Add nutrients to your breakfast. Avoid taking fat containing foods. Choose the right meals, and snacks to boost your health all day long.

You should avoid sitting and eating in front of the T.V because you may not know the quantity of food you eat. It makes you eat less and keeps your weight in control.

Instead of allowing your feeling to rule your food choices mindlessly, start controlling your health by eating mindfully.


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