27 Effects Of Smoking On Your Body

Smoking is injurious to health. No matter how you smoke, tobacco is dangerous and it affects the health of the entire body. The mortality rate for smokers is three times more than those for people who never smoked. Read on to know how smoking affects the various parts of the body:

Mood Stimulation

Nicotine, an ingredient present in tobacco, is a mood-altering drug. It acts as a stimulant in the central nervous system. Nicotine energizes the person for a while and as the drug subsides it makes you feel tired and you begin to crave it more and more. It is a habit-forming drug.

Appetite Suppressant

Smoking is an appetite suppressant. This is the reason why smokers do not feel hungry and thereby reduce a lot of weight.

Poor Eye Sight

Smoking interferes with proper vision in a person, leading their eyesight to deteriorate. Smokers also have a risk of developing cataract.

Uneven Skin Tone

The blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the entire body are damaged because of smoking. When the skin is deprived of the right amount of nutrients it appears pale resulting in uneven skin tone.

Sagging Arms And Breasts

Smoking damages the skin everywhere on the body. Once the elastin is damaged the skin begins to sag and the most prone areas to sag include the arms and the breasts.

Lines And Wrinkles Around The Lips

The nicotine present in cigarettes damages the elastin in the skin around the lips resulting in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Age Spots

Most people develop age spots as they grow old or even due to over exposure to sunlight. Smokers are at a higher risk of developing age spots.

Dental Issues

Smokers experience a number of dental problems like bad teeth, damaged teeth, bad breath, gum diseases, tooth loss etc. Dental problems are a common result of smoking.

Lung Cancer

9 out of 10 deaths from lung cancer are due to smoking. Smoking causes many other lung problems like emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.

Constricted Blood Vessels

Smoking narrows the coronary arteries of the heart. The blood vessels are constricted and therefore the flow of blood is reduced.

High Cholesterol

The use of tobacco increases the risk of developing high cholesterol.

Stained Nails And Fingers

Tobacco smoke changes the color of the skin. The nails and fingers turn yellow and discolored.

Hair Loss

Tobacco smoking can damage the natural growth of the hair. The texture and the volume of the hair are lost and men have a risk of getting bald.

Blood Cancer

Smokers have a risk of developing blood cancer. The nicotine present in the cigarette when inhaled enters the blood and causes blood cancer.


People who smoke are at risk of developing psoriasis. The skin becomes scaly, itchy and dry. It is commonly seen on the scalp, elbows, hands, back or feet.

Brittle Bones

Bones become brittle due to smoking. The chemicals present in the tobacco weaken the bones and cause many bone related problems.

Heart Disease

Smoking damages the entire cardiovascular system. Nicotine present in the cigarette tightens the blood vessels which restricts the flow of blood. Smokers are at a high risk of developing a stroke, cardiac arrest, heart attack, or coronary artery disease.

Oral Cancer

There is a high risk of the development of oral cancer in people who smoke. People who consume alcohol along with smoking increase the risk of oral cancer. It usually starts as a sore in the mouth which is painful. Quitting smoking can reduce the risk of developing oral cancer.

Stained Teeth

Teeth get stained due to smoking. White teeth turn yellow and damage the appearance of the person.

Change in fingers

Smoking changes not only the color but also causes changes in the shape and texture of the fingers

Wrinkly Skin

Tobacco contains many chemicals which are carcinogenic and they damage the collagen and elastin present in the skin and therefore the skin develops wrinkles.

Diabetes Complications

Smoking makes the body develop resistance towards insulin. This increases the risk of developing type II diabetes.

Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking narrows the blood vessels and constricts the flow of blood. This affects the man’s ability to get an erection.


Men and women smokers may have a difficulty achieving orgasm and therefore they are at a higher risk of infertility.

Cervical Cancer

Women who smoke are at a higher risk of developing cervical cancer when compared to women who do not smoke.

Early Menopause

Studies have shown that women who smoke reach menopause early when compared to the women who do not smoke.

Problems With Pregnancy

Women smokers not only have a tough time conceiving but also are at a risk of complications during their pregnancy. Women who smoke are at a greater chance of having a miscarriage, premature birth or having a baby with some deformities.

The scientific consensus is that smoking is highly unhealthy, and there is plenty of research to back this up. A cigarette’s momentary pleasure cannot outweigh the toll it takes on your health. Those who stop smoking may well find that being healthy feels far better than a cigarette.




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