10 Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is the healthiest drink known. With its amazing anti-oxidant properties and much more healthy constituents, green tea is now becoming a popular choice among the people. It’s amazing benefits help in maintaining health and also prevent many ailments. Green tea is not just easy to prepare but has many scientifically proven health benefits. Read more to know how Green tea is beneficial for you.

           1. Lowers the risk of Cancer:

The presence of high level of antioxidants in Green tea reduces the risk of Breast cancer, prostate cancer, and esophageal cancer. It reduces the oxidants that cause cell damage hence prevents the development of cancerous cells.


          2. Weight loss and prevention of obesity:

Drinking green tea is known to boost weight loss also reduce body fat levels. According to research, Green tea helps in reducing abdominal fat which helps you lose that belly fat. Even visceral fat levels have come down during the research experiments.


          3. Prevents Heart Disease:

Green tea helps to keep blood vessels active and free and also, they prevent the formation of clots which cause blockage in the heart leading to heart attack.


          4. Prevents Tooth Decay:

Studies have shown that green tea inhibits the growth of bacteria which are responsible for dental plaque. Hence, they aid oral hygiene and health


          5. Increases brain activity:

Green tea has caffeine which stimulates the brain and helps in concentrating. Caffeine levels in Green tea is not as high as coffee but is effective and harmless.


          6. Lowers the risk of infections:

Green tea has several anti-bacterial properties which kill bacteria and inhibit viruses. Hence, it is helpful to reduce the risk of infections and aids in increasing the immunity of our body.


          7. Lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases:

Being rich in anti-anxiety properties, Green tea increases dopamine and the production of alpha waves in the brain. This inturn helps the brain to function well and slows the degeneration of neurons and hence, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.


          8. Lowers Cholesterol levels:

Green tea regulates the cholesterol levels and also helps reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the blood. It helps in maintaining good cardiovascular health.


          9. Skincare:

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties and is known to reduce the effect of aging, reducing wrinkles and damage on the skin.


          10. Helps Cure Depression:

Theanine is a compound present in green tea which is known to help people suffering from depression and anxiety.

Being loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, green tea is considered as one the healthiest beverages available. Regular intake of green tea combined with regular exercise can help lose weight and lower the risk of chronic diseases. Make green tea a regular part of your life to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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