The New Era of Cosmetic Surgeries

Posted On Jun 21, 2022


Consultant Plastic Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic Surgery in Patiala

Plastic/cosmetic surgery has long been a buzzword, but gone are the days when cosmetic/plastic surgery used to make headlines when celebrities would go under the knife. Today cosmetic and plastic surgeries offer cosmetic solutions in multiple scenarios such as the reconstruction of disfigured body parts or achieving the improved/desired aesthetics. Manipal Hospitals is the place to be if you are seeking plastic surgery in Patiala. Book an appointment with our cosmetic/plastic surgeons in Patiala to know more about plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.   

Today both men and women are opting for cosmetic surgeries either to attain a youthful appearance, to erase the scars of an accident or to attain the desired cosmetic goal. These surgeries help them attain social acceptance and self-confidence. Some of the most common plastic surgeries include ear, nose, acne treatment and breast reduction.

The Most Popular Cosmetic and Plastic Procedures 

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery restores, reconstructs and enhances the physical attributes of patients to help them accomplish a better life. Patients get several options under a team of multi-disciplinary experts specializing in distinct branches of reconstructive, restorative and cosmetic surgery. The medical experts also advise on the risks and benefits of each procedure. The most popular cosmetic procedures that people opt for are:

  1. Dressing
    Applying material to a wound for healing or protection is known as dressing. The dressing also includes cleaning and disinfection to fasten the healing process and improve the appearance of the skin. The procedure needs highly skilled experts to cover a scar on the face or other visible areas.  


  2. Birth Anamoly Correction
    The plastic surgeons at Manipal Hospitals Patiala offer birth anomaly corrections based on the condition and severity of the patient's case. Some frequently corrected birth anomalies are Cleft lip and Cleft Palate, a structural disorder of the skull, malformation of fingers, toes or hands, and deformity of the internal or external ear. 


  3. Cosmetic Surgery
    Cosmetic surgery focuses on improving an individual's appearance through surgical procedures. Surgery in this case helps individuals with: 

    1. Body toning

    2. Body contouring

    3. Tummy tuck

    4. Liposuction

    5. Facial bone contouring  

    6. Enhancement of chin and cheeks

    7. Facelift, neck lift, brow lift and other facial rejuvenation procedures

    8. Breast lift, breast augmentation and breast reduction

  4. Reconstructive and Restorative Surgery
    Restore function and correct birth anomalies or those caused by trauma, medical conditions like cancer and severe injuries with reconstructive and restorative surgery. Skilled doctors undertake complex surgeries like:

    1. Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy

    2.  Head and Neck Reconstruction

    3. Limb Salvage

    4. Abdomen and Back Reconstruction

    5. Hand Deformities

    6. Jaw Correction

    7. Scare removal post skin cancer

    8. Bedsore Surgery

    9. Leg Wounds Coverage.

  5. Suture Removal
    A surgical suture holds the body tissue together after an injury or treatment. At Manipal Hospitals, our cosmetic surgeons in Patiala ensure that the suture removal is precise.

  6. Scar Treatment
    Treatment of a scar to match it to the surrounding tissues in tone and texture is known as Scar Treatment. Advanced techniques help to make scars negligible. The treatment includes skin grafting to conceal burn marks, repair of burnt skin, hypertrophic scars, keloids and contractures.

The Manipal Hospitals Advantage

Manipal Hospitals Patiala has a team of skilled plastic and cosmetic surgeons who have performed a diverse range of successful surgical procedures on thousands of patients. Our plastic and cosmetic surgeons work with neurosurgeons, orthopaedic and oncological surgeons to ensure the best results for every patient. 

If you are looking for the best plastic and cosmetic surgery in Patiala, look no further than Manipal Hospitals. Undergo treatment under renowned experts to achieve the desired results from cosmetic surgeries. Post-operation care is highly essential in cases of cosmetic surgeries and having the right information is a pre-requisite in this regard. Our doctors can guide you over all the aspects related to these surgeries. 


Dr. Dinkar Sood

Consultant - Plastic Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery

Manipal Hospitals, Patiala

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