Planning a Pregnancy in your 30s? Here’s All You Need to Know

Posted On Dec 14, 2022

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Dr. Gurpreet Kaur Virk

Senior Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Manipal Hospital - Patiala

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Motherhood is a journey and not a destination. Each and every woman has her own journey and timing to embrace this gift of life. With a change in career patterns and overall finances, more women are opting for motherhood in their 30s compared to the last decade.

An overall drop has been recorded in women embracing motherhood in their twenties. Each person has their own timing and personal wishes when it comes to starting a family.

Pregnancy is the gestation period for humans. The time during which the baby grows inside the mother’s womb. It usually lasts for about 40 weeks on average in most cases, for a healthy pregnancy. In purely medical opinion, your 20s are the best time for pregnancy. With age, the body starts to lose its health and vigor which may be needed to support a healthy pregnancy.

A pregnancy planned later in life during the 30s or early 40s means lowered chances of conception too. Why so? One may wonder, what exactly could be the reason behind this common notion.

The human female body has a finite number of egg cells that are formed in the body while the female is still inside the womb. At the start of the period cycle in a young girl or at the time of menarche each month one cell matures and is released from either of the ovaries. The body is fertile and considered most ready to support a healthy pregnancy a few years after the onset of puberty, roughly around the twenties.

With a changing lifestyle and habits along with age, the number of viable egg cells in the body goes down and hence the possibility for a natural conception goes down with age. A woman in her 30s can choose to plan a baby, and with the right medical care and support, sail through it smoothly. Visit our best gynaecology hospital in Patiala to have the best treatment.

Planning a Pregnancy

The female body has a periodic cycle of egg cells being released from the body and therefore, a particular phase of fertility every month. Usually, this phase comes around the second week after the period cycle when a new cell matures and is released by the ovaries. Planning a pregnancy requires tracking the cycles to increase the chances of natural conception. 

  • Genetic Screening

If a woman decides to embrace motherhood after 35 years of age, it is considered advanced maternal age. Advanced maternal age is one of the risk factors for genetic defects. If you are someone who has decided to embrace motherhood in your mid-thirties, your doctor would recommend a thorough genetic screening for you and your partner to test for any possible genetic abnormalities. Your doctor would assess your genetic tests and your partner’s and based on results advise you on the way forward with your pregnancy.

  • Multiple Pregnancy

With age, the hormones in the body change, and thus, so do the fluctuations. Women in their mid-thirties have a higher probability of conceiving twins or multiple pregnancies. This multiplied blessing can prove to be detrimental to the health of the mother and the child. Thorough care is required to take good care of the unborn and the mother in case of such pregnancies. To know more, consult with our experienced gynaecologist in Patiala.

  • EQ and IQ Emotional Quotient & Intelligence Quotient  

The shift in overall hormones and blood work during pregnancy has a great impact on the emotional and mental health of the person. Women go through a myriad of emotional ups and downs throughout their pregnancy and thus may experience stress too. Family support and care are vital during this phase. At Manipal Hospitals, our expert care providers give the best professional support and counseling to couples to help them through this journey.

  • Forget the Judgment

Every woman is different and so is her life. You have decided to pursue your dream of motherhood in your 30s, embrace it with full pride. At Manipal Hospitals, we have some of the most experienced Obstetrics and Gynecology experts, to help you tackle all your fears around pregnancy and plan a safe road ahead into motherhood. Our expert counselors assess your health parameters and advise health plans to help your journey. 

  • Take Care

At Manipal Hospitals, we have a dedicated team of Obstetrics and Gynecologists with a support staff rich in experience. Our doctors are the best in the city and with their experienced training, treat each new family with the utmost care, so you can welcome your little bundle of joy with good health and happiness.

Dr. Gurpreet Kaur Virk

Senior Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology

Manipal Hospitals, Patiala

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