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Neurodegeneration : The Causes and Treatments

Posted On: Jul 18, 2022

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Neurodegeneration Treatment in Patiala

We live, laugh, love, manage a number of day-to-day tasks, and keep track of important dates and anniversaries. How do we manage all of these so effortlessly? Memory is more than just the ability to remember and is one of the most important functions served by the nervous system. The nervous system of the human body consists of the brain, spinal cord and nerve channels which support relaying nerve impulses or messages from different parts of the body to the brain. Nerve cells are the fundamental units of the nervous system. Damage to these cells is called neurodegeneration. 

It is a condition of gradual damage to or loss of nerve cells. Neuro means the nerve cells, and degeneration refers to damage in progress. Plugged together, "neurodegeneration" is a condition resulting in irreversible nerve structure and function loss.

The gradual degeneration of nerve cells results in the loss of memory, ability to make a decision and other cognitive abilities. Neurodegeneration is a vital characteristic of several diseases. Experts often use the term "neurodegenerative diseases" for disorders leading to permanent nerve cell damage. Call us to connect with the best neuro specialists for Neurodegeneration Treatment in Patiala.

Parkinson's, Huntington's, Alzheimer's, and Motor Neuron Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Multi System Atrophy are some commonly known neurodegenerative diseases.

While there are many more cognitive diseases, they have not received focus, unlike the four mentioned above. All neurodegenerative diseases lead to brain damage by affecting the cellular structures. Depending upon the state, their clinical features may be different. Here are the varying conditions of the four neurodegenerative diseases mentioned above.

  1. Parkinson's disease

The constant degradation of nerve cells depletes the brain of dopamine, a hormone responsible for learning, motivation and pleasure, by affecting a region in the brain responsible for motor control—the disease results in tremors in primary muscles and stiffness. 

  1. Alzheimer's disease

The constant loss of memory and shrining of the brain happens due to the deposit of tiny protein plaques damaging various brain parts. Visit our Neurology Hospital and consult with our Neurologist in Patiala to know more about Alzheimer's disease.

  1. Huntington's disease

The progressive breakdown of nerve cells due to a rare genetic disorder leads to extreme motor hindrance and death.

  1. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

The progressive nervous system disease leads to loss of muscle control for movement, speaking, eating and breathing due to the impact of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

Causes of Neurodegeneration

The leading causes of neurodegenerative diseases are :

  1. The formation of harmful proteins in the brain 

  2. The creation of neurotoxic molecules due to mitochondrial function.

Genetic mutations are a tiny percentage of the causes leading to neurodegenerative diseases.

The doctors for Neurodegeneration in Patiala consider that the causes of neurodegenerative diseases may vary. However, they all lead to cells dying to protect the nearby neurons from harmful substances.

Symptoms of Neurodegeneration

The symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases increase with time, and patients also continue to develop new symptoms. Some common symptoms are:

  1. Loss of memory

  2. Absence of emotion

  3. Loss Of Coordination

  4. Anxiety 

  5. Agitation

  6. Mood Changes

Role of diet in the prevention of Neurodegeneration

Certain nutrients have neuroprotective properties which include phenolic compounds (found in olive oil, turmeric, berries etc.) omega 3 fatty acids (found in walnuts), fat soluble vitamins(A, D, E, K) carotenoids and isothiocyanates  (found in green leafy/ cruciferous vegetables). 

 A DHA-enriched diet such as fish shows increasing help in boosting memory. Incorporating these nutrient rich food groups in the diet can help prove beneficial in prolonging neural health and overall well being. . A diet that induces obesity is known to increase the risk of Neurodegeneration.

Role of exercise in the prevention of Neurodegeneration

Moderate exercise has shown benefits in slowing Neurodegeneration. Exercise also boosts dopamine which helps to manage Neurodegeneration.

Treatment for Neurodegeneration

Manipal Hospitals has the best doctors for Neurodegeneration in Patiala to help patients manage their conditions. While there is no permanent cure for Neurodegeneration, the treatment can help reduce the symptoms.

Neurodegeneration treatment involves medicines like memantine and donepezil to manage symptoms. These medicines have shown improvements in some patients with Alzheimer's disease, but have to be consumed as prescribed by a neurologist in Patiala. 

The neurology department at Manipal Hospitals has the top neurologists in Patiala, who are at the forefront of researching effective therapies to help patients manage their symptoms better. 

Treatments & Procedures offered at Manipal Hospitals, Patiala

The procedures available at Manipal Hospitals are:

1. Memory Clinic

Neurologists and psychologists help patients to improve their everyday functions and movements.

2. Stroke Management

Neurologists conduct tests to identify the gravity of the condition, even if the stroke is short.

3. Electroencephalogram

An electroencephalogram records the activity and patterns of the brain waves to help in treatment.

4. Nerve Conduction Study

A measure of the effectiveness of nerves in sending and receiving signals to help manage the symptoms.

5. Electromyography

Electromyography reveals dysfunction in nerves or transmission of signals to help improve the condition of patients.

6. Lumbar puncture

A cerebrospinal fluid sample helps to identify brain and spinal cord diseases. The results help in effective treatment for Neurodegeneration in Patiala.

Manipal Hospitals, Patiala, has the best doctors for Neurodegeneration treatment in Patiala, with complete examination and management for the entire range of neurological disorders. Neurological disorders are a leading burden on India's medical infrastructure. Studies have shown that epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and dementia cases are on the rise in the urban population. Manipal Hospitals lead the efforts by employing skilled experts and awareness drives using tools like workshops, podcasts and blogs. Check out these resources and share them with your loved ones to spread the correct information.

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