Best Physiotherapy Hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore
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Best Physiotherapy Hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore

Physiotherapy (PT) is used for treating deformities, ailments and injuries through the use of different types of methods, like electrotherapy, exercise, heat therapy, and massage. Physiotherapy is also referred to as physical therapy. It is beneficial in the treatment of cardiopulmonary, neurological, and orthopaedic diseases. Every age group of patients, such as adults, children, and infants, can benefit from PT-based procedures and treatments. A physiotherapist is a trained healthcare professional, who makes use of various methods for the treatment of disorders to enable patients to make the overall quality of their life better.

Best Physiotherapy Hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore


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Why Manipal?

Manipal Hospitals, the best physiotherapy hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore has a strong team of physiotherapists who work in conjunction with other specialists to provide a personalised plan, focused on treating the specific problem(s) of the patient. While the patient is an in-patient, the treatment is performed with full precaution and care to ensure that the individual recovers enough to be discharged.  When the individual is discharged, a full regime is provided to the patient that they need to follow, of which various exercises are to be performed in their home or place of work. Proper and appropriate advice and training are given to the individuals so that they can use the required equipment on their own effectively, and perform all their treatments with ease, care, and taking all precautions.

Treatment & Procedures

Brain Injury and Stroke

Brain Injury Post brain damage recovery involves two processes,  Spontaneous: it is related to repairing of the central nervous system soon after the brain injury and diaschisis regression. Function-induced: It is geared towards promoting neuroplasticity as a response to environmental stimulation and activity practice for a behavioural therapy, just…

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Spinal Cord Injuries

A Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is a non-traumatic or traumatic event that causes neural damage affecting sensory, motor, respiratory function, bladder function, bowel function, and sexual function. Neurological interruption also influences skin integrity, blood pressure, and temperature regulating ability. 

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Sports-related Injuries

Some of the common forms of sports injuries are as follows,

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Joint Restrictions and Adhesions

Joint Restrictions The range of motion in the joints dictates human movement.  Motion can be limited due to factors like the joints themselves, by nerves, muscles, and connective tissue surrounding the joint. Causes of stiffness and restriction include nerve entrapment, osteoarthritis, or muscular tightness. When range of motion is reduced, the body…

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Parkinson and Stroke Rehabilitation

Physical therapy plays a critical part in the treatment of Parkinson's disease to help patients stay independent and active for as long as it can be done.

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Falls and Fractures

Falls and injuries related to fall, such as fractures, can lead to functional impairment, long standing pain, lowered quality of life, raised costs of healthcare, and possibly mortality. Due to this, various single and multiple component strategies of intervention have been designed for fall prevention and subsequent injuries. Physical therapy approach…

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Back and Neck Pain

Neck Pain: Physiotherapy is commonly used to treat neck pain. Neck physiotherapy will reduce stiffness or pain so that an exercise programme geared at stretching and strengthening the neck can begin. For the treatment, the specific exercises, methods, and duration will be specific for each person.

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Joint and Muscle Pain

Physiotherapy for Joint Injuries: Any of the body joints can contract an injury.  Joints enable movement between bones and are therefore prone to injury.  There are various causes for joint injuries. The quality and range of movement and the strength at the joint will be affected if there is an injury.

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Arthritis and Osteoporosis

Arthritis: If arthritis is not treated, it can become debilitating. It is possible that in some cases, despite medication it will continue to progress, leading to disability.  Physiotherapy provides strategies and treatments for lowering the risk of disability. 

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Best Physiotherapy Hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore


Commonly, two forms of physiotherapy are recognised:


  • Active Therapy:  Patients move their bodies and perform stretches and exercises.
  • Passive Therapy: Treatment is given with no effort from the patient.


Consult with a team of experts at Manipal Hospitals to learn more about treatments. 


Best Physiotherapy Treatment in Hebbal


Physiotherapy helps people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education, and advice. They maintain health for people of all ages, helping patients to manage pain and prevent disease.

Some strategies that can be employed to stay motivated are:

  • Do activities that you enjoy 

  • Do your exercises with a friend

  • Build in new exercises regime into your routine

  • Schedule your exercise and look at it as an appointment you have to keep

  • Join an exercise class of your interest

It is the most common form of degenerative arthritis. In this condition, the cartilage wears out.  The cartilage is meant to cushion the surface at the ends of the bone. With the breaking down of the cartilage, bones begin to rub against each other’s surface. To know more, visit the best physiotherapy hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore.

Following treatments can be used,

  • Assistive device usage

  • Hot and cold treatments

  • Medication

  • Regular physical activities

  • Rest

  • Targeted exercise

Passive physiotherapy is recommended in a case where exercise is not possible or is painful.  Some passive therapies are,

  • Cold/hot packs

  • Iontophoresis

Get the best treatment at the physiotherapy hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore.

It can help in several ways, such as,

  • Improving walking and balance

  • Increase independence and quality of life

  • Increasing function in the problem-led or arm

  • Increasing levels of energy

  • Increasing rolling ability, ability to move in bed, ability to stand and sit

  • Increasing strength

  • Reducing muscle stiffness, pain, and spasms

  • Reducing the risk of falling

  • Retraining normal movement patterns

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