Best Paediatric Surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore
Best Paediatric Surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore

Paediatric Surgery

Best Paediatric Surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore

Paediatrics is the branch of medicine concerned with the overall health and medical care (including clinical and surgical care) of infants, children and adolescents. While a paediatrician looks after the overall health and wellbeing of your child, a paediatric surgeon takes care of the surgical needs of your baby from the womb to their teenage years. Every child is special and is provided with specialised care at Manipal Hospitals, Hebbal. Here, parents can get the best paediatric healthcare services for their children and rely on the excellent expertise of our team consisting of experienced paediatric specialists and surgeons. Manipal Hospital, Hebbal provides holistic and best-in-class paediatric medical services for children with professional and expert paediatric specialists from different medical fields. Various paediatric medical services are provided to every child under one roof in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere at only Manipal Hospitals, Hebbal.

Best Paediatric Surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore


Know About Us

Why Manipal?

Parents provide the best in everything to their children for a healthy and happy life and so do we with our world-renowned expertise, exceptional paediatric healthcare services and state-of-the-art technology. At Manipal Hospitals, Hebbal, newborns, children and teenagers are treated with extra care and compassion by our multidisciplinary team of highly-skilled paediatricians and nurses. Not only is our team of paediatric specialists the best in their field but also are kind and sympathetic to your child’s needs. Manipal Hospitals ensures round-the-clock care for your little one and the best services from our team of nurses who excel at their jobs. 

This centre of excellence, best paediatric Surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore caters to the whole spectrum of surgical services involving diagnosis, treatment, and continuous post-operative care for every child. Our multidisciplinary team of paediatricians, paediatric surgeons, neonatologists (doctors who diagnose and treat newborns with medical conditions and birth defects), oncologists, haematologists, urologists and other paediatric specialists offer proficient medical care for your child. These expert surgeons from different medical fields bring their expertise together and perform various surgeries on children and infants with the help of scientifically-backed treatment techniques and advanced medical equipment. Manipal Hospitals, Hebbal also offers a ‘paediatric and child care’ medical speciality for your child’s overall health and well-being.

Treatment & Procedures

Major Reconstructive Genitourinary…

What is it?  Genitourinary (GU) Reconstruction Surgery or Major Reconstructive Genitourinary Surgery is performed by expert paediatric urologists, and other paediatric specialists for correcting, repairing, or modifying the genitourinary tract in newborns and children. Genitourinary refers to the urinary and genital organs such as reproductive organs…

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Prenatal Counselling and Advice…

What Is Prenatal Counselling? 

The health of the baby mostly depends on the mother’s health and well-being. Healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth are two important goals of any mother, and prenatal counselling will help you fulfil these goals.

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Paediatric Surgical Oncology Services

Manipal Hospitals, Hebbal provides advanced paediatric surgical oncology services for various cancer types and solid tumours in children. As children are at the most delicate phase of their life, cancer and tumour surgery plays a crucial role in their recovery and development. So, our multidisciplinary team of exceptional paediatric oncologists, haematologists,…

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Paediatric Trauma Services

Life-threatening and severe traumas are the leading cause of serious health complications and even death in most children aged between 1 to 14 years. If not treated in time, these traumas can result in temporary or permanent disabilities in many children and infants. The chances of survival of the children suffering from traumatic injuries depend on…

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Paediatric Anaesthesia

If a specific surgery requires the use of anaesthesia on your child, then the paediatric anaesthesiologist will discuss the details with the parents beforehand. This way the parents can inform their child about the anaesthesia and how it feels. If your child is worried about anaesthesia, you can reassure them by being by their side always. Paediatric…

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Surgery for Congenital Diaphragmatic…

Overview of CDH Condition  Congenital means the medical defect that is present at birth or the defect in the baby in the womb. This CDH condition or disorder is mostly seen in infants, newborns and unborn babies. Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) disorder occurs when there is a hole in the diaphragm which is allowing the abdominal organs to move…

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Surgery for Malrotation and Volvulus

What is it?  Intestinal Malrotation is a rare prenatal defect that involves the malformation of the intestinal tract in the baby’s abdomen. This defect doesn’t allow the baby’s intestine to form normally in the abdomen. Volvulus is the condition where there is a twisting of the intestine in the baby’s abdomen. This volvulus occurs as a result of intestinal…

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Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatment…

What Is Intussusception?  The most common form of bowel obstruction in infancy and childhood is intussusception where one segment of the intestine telescopes inside of another. This blockage can occur anywhere in the GI (gastrointestinal) tract but usually happens at the junction of the small and large intestines where the small intestine can be inside…

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Best Paediatric Surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore

This rare speciality of surgery deals with the diseases like Inguinal Hernia in Children, malformations and trauma among children from the womb to their teenage years. The paediatric surgeons’ scope of surgical prowess encompasses all conditions in this age group, particularly small children. 

At Manipal Hospitals’ advanced paediatric surgical ward, various treatments and paediatric surgical services are provided to children and newborns such as paediatric ICU (PICU), NICU, oncology, orthopaedics, trauma services, child psychology, paediatric interventional radiology, and many other exceptional services for treating various medical conditions and disorders in our little patients. Book an appointment at Manipal Hospitals with the help of best specilaities in Bangalore. 

Best Paediatric Surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore

Facilities & Services

Manipal Hospitals' Advanced Children centre is supported by a well equipped microbiological and pathological lab, blood bank, radiology department, outpatient and inpatient care, child and parent centric emergency department. Manipal Hospitals is accredited to the National Board of Examinations and conducts three year DNB programme and fellowship in paediatrics, neonatology and paediatric infection control.

The department caters to a multitude of services like paediatric ICU (PICU), General paediatrics, Neonatal ICU (NICU), paediatric orthopaedics, paediatric neurology, paediatric pulmonology, paediatric rheumatology, paediatrics ent and airway, paediatric ophthalmology services, Blood bank, paediatric urology, paediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery, paediatric nuclear medicine, paediatric interventional radiology, paediatric cardiothoracic surgery, Thalassemia clinic & paediatric haematology-oncology, paediatric rehabilitation, paediatric plastic surgery, Child and family psychology, paediatric genetics, paediatric orthodontics, Lactation services, paediatric allergy, paediatric dermatology, Metabolic services, paediatric endocrinology, paediatric infectious diseases, Developmental paediatrics, child psychologist & adolescent paediatrics.


If any medical disorder or condition is mentioned as congenital, then it means the particular disorder or medical condition is present from birth. 


Major Reconstructive Genitourinary Surgery is performed by paediatric urologists for correcting, repairing, or modifying the genitourinary tract in newborns and children. Various GU disorders are treated by GU reconstruction surgery. Get the best paediatric surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore.

Expectant or new parents especially women with high-risk pregnancies are advised to visit prenatal counselling sessions before the delivery to avoid complications during pregnancy and have a safe delivery. 

CDH disorder usually seen in infants and children results in underdeveloped lungs known as pulmonary hypoplasia and high BP called pulmonary hypertension. Get the top paediatric surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore.

Mostly the preferred Intussusception treatment to treat children is the non-surgical way. However, if the intestine is torn or if the non-surgical way is unsuccessful, then the surgery is performed on your child to treat the bowel obstruction in the GI tract.  


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