Best ICU Treatment Hospitals in Hebbal, Bangalore
Best ICU Treatment Hospitals in Hebbal, Bangalore

ICU and Critical Care

Best ICU Treatment Hospitals in Hebbal, Bangalore

Intensive Care Onit (ICU) care or critical care refers to that healthcare’s multiprofessional specialty that provides care to patients who have some life-threatening or acute illness or injury. It is possible to provide critical care in case a life is under threat be it at an accident site, in an ambulance or emergency room, or operation theatre. Nevertheless, the highest level of critical care in the present times is performed in extremely specialised ICU. In the Manipal Hospitals, Hebbal, the ICU and Critical Care Department play an extremely vital role in administering various life saving treatments. MH Hebbal is amongst India's foremost multispecialty healthcare providers. There is round-the-clock monitoring of patients in an environment that is infection safe and sterile. There are highly specialised nurses, counsellors, trained physicians, respiratory therapists, and various other specialists on call to provide assistance if an emergency arises.

Best ICU Treatment Hospitals in Hebbal, Bangalore


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Why Manipal?

Manipal Hospitals Hebbal is amongst India's foremost multispecialty healthcare hospitals. We ensure round-the-clock monitoring of patients in an infection safe and sterile environment.   We have highly specialised nurses, counsellors, trained physicians, respiratory therapists, and various other specialists on call to provide assistance if an emergency arises. The ICU & critical care units’ teams at Manipal Hospitals have the capability to administer life saving treatment across various branches of medicine. 

We have state-of-the-art monitoring systems that perform the first level of diagnostic screening for patients during an emergency. When a situation is time-critical, doctors of the ICU and critical care unit perform an initial / preliminary diagnosis that then moves the case to the appropriate specialist for further treatment. The intensive care unit’s nursing team comes with special training for responding effectively in an intensive care environment so that patients get immediate support, with quick response time.

Treatment & Procedures


In some cases, when a patient's airways are restricted, an emergency tracheostomy is performed to allow a tube to go directly from a ventilator to the patient's windpipe through a precise incision on the neck. The procedure allows the patient to breathe while other diagnostic approaches and treatments are considered.

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Life Support Measures for Patients…

Techniques of life support keep patients alive till their body begins to function. Life support will replace or support a failing organ. Some life support procedures are ventilation, for mechanical breathing, CPR, dialysis, tube feeding, etc.  It is a personal decision to stop or decline life support.

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Post-operative Care to Transplant…

Patients who have had a recent organ transplant may suffer from complexities.  They have extensive past medical history, several comorbidities, polypharmacy, and needs that are specific to the transplant. The immunocompromised status of these patients can lead to infectious complications and probable life-threatening organ dysfunction.  Care of such…

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Continuous Monitoring for Critically…

The purpose of patient monitoring is organ dysfunction detection and guiding of the maintenance and restoration of tissue oxygen delivery. It forms a crucial aspect of patient care for the critically ill in the emergency department since the outcome is linked strongly and directly to the physiological response to critical illness. The main goal of…

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Non-invasive and Invasive Ventilation

Non-invasive Ventilation (NIV) refers to delivering oxygen with the help of a face mask. This does not require an endotracheal airway. 

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Multidisciplinary Meetings for…

Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) meetings are an integral part of treatment recommendations for such patients who are in ICU and critical care. The meetings are a specialised platform that provides expert opinions on cases, based on guidelines of clinical practice and more, putting into practice multi-professional and perfectly-coordinated care for patients. 

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Dialysis, Percutaneous Tracheostomies,…


Dialysis treatment performs some of the functions of healthy kidneys. It is done when kidneys are not working to fulfill the requirements of the body.  

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Retrieval Services

Retrieval is deploying a critical care team to the location of an injured or seriously ill person for stabilisation / resuscitation before they can be transferred safely to some definitive care. 

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Best ICU Treatment Hospitals in Hebbal, Bangalore

Manipal Hospitals' intensive care units are equipped for round the clock care for a number of different scenarios where a patient needs to be continuously monitored. Patients are usually moved to the ICU from emergency wards or from the general ward if their condition is no longer considered stable. Here are some conditions that commonly require critical care:
- Heart ailments
- Lung ailments
- Drug-resistant infections
- Organ failure
- Blood infections
- Brain trauma

Manipal Hospitals considered as the best ICU treatment hospitals in Hebbal, Bangalore, provides a broad spectrum of healthcare facilities under its ICU and Critical Care team to ensure that the patients receive the highest quality of treatment and care. 

Best ICU Treatment Hospitals in Hebbal, Bangalore

Facilities & Services

Critical care facilities available at Manipal Hospitals are: - Severe injury (burns, road accidents etc.) Specialist intensive care units - Coronary care unit - Surgical intensive care unit - Neonatal intensive care unit - Pediatric intensive care unit - Neurological Intensive Care Unit - Post-anesthesia care unit - High dependency unit - Psychiatric intensive care unit ICU facilities - Respirators/ventilator - Cardiac monitors (heart rate, BP) - IV drips - Sedatives & Anaesthetics (for severe pain) - Defibrillator (to restart the heart) - Emergency tracheostomy (for respiratory emergencies)


A patient is connected to a heart monitor, given IV drips and critical body functions are monitored round the clock by a team of specialist nurses. While the patient is being given the utmost attention, the team of doctors responsible for the patient to administer the necessary treatments at the right intervals. If the patient is suffering from an undiagnosed illness, the ICU keeps them stable until the right diagnosis and treatment is found.

Usually, patients coming into the ICU come in either from the emergency ward to recover post-surgery or from the general ward when they become critically ill. ICU's are heavily staffed units that usually have a nurse-to-patient ratio of 1:2 and sometimes, 1:1. This is to ensure that the patient is getting all the attention that is needed while they recover. Get ICU care at the best ICU treatment hospitals in Hebbal, Bangalore.

The medical staff on call is equipped to perform emergency life-saving treatment like a tracheostomy, lung reinflation, etc. at a moment's notice, to ensure that the patient suffers as little as possible from a treatable condition. Arrive at the best ICU hospitals in Hebbal, Bangalore to know more about it.

Depending on the patient's condition, the typical ICU stay duration is usually between 2 to 7 days. Longer stays may be needed for patients that have undergone procedures during their ICU stay. Get this critical care treatment in Hebbal, Bangalore done with the help of best team of experts. 

Getting a regular checkup can help detect health complications before they rise in severity, making healthcare more effective.

Basic Life Support (BLS) is the care given at the time of an emergency. Healthcare providers and / or first responders could perform CPR and other techniques if the person is experiencing any of the following,

  • Cardiac arrest

  • Obstructed in the airway

  • Respiratory distress

To know more, visit best critical care treatment hospitals in Hebbal, Bangalore.

No it does not.  While dialysis performs some tasks that are performed by healthy kidneys, it cannot cure kidney disease. 


In an ideal situation, it must be senior trainees in relevant acute specialties or consultants who undertake the retrieval.

Generally a chest tube is left in place for some days. Once the doctor is certain that all air / fluid is drained, it is possible to remove the chest tube. Get the best treatment at the ICU hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore.

FFB (Flexible Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy) is an essential procedure in the diagnosis and management of several of the respiratory conditions.

Manipal Hospitals is dedicated to providing comprehensive round the clock treatment to all of its patients. The equipment and staffing ratios at the ICU & critical care department are a reflection of this commitment to quality healthcare.

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