Laparoscopic Surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore
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Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore

Abdominal laparoscopy is a surgical procedure wherein a surgeon can visualise the interior of the abdomen (tummy) and pelvis without having to make large cuts in the skin to perform the procedure. It may also be referred to as keyhole surgery if it is minimally invasive. As a result of using a laparoscope during laparoscopy, the surgeon can avoid the necessity of extensive incisions during the procedure. In order to transmit images of what is going on inside the abdomen or pelvis to a television, an abdominal camera uses a tube that contains both a light source and a camera to transmit images of what is going on inside the abdomen or pelvis. Compared to open surgery, minimally invasive surgery has a number of advantages over it. Some of these advantages are as follows: A shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery time can be expected. There is less pain and bleeding after the patient has undergone the operation. There is a minimal amount of scarring.

Laparoscopic Surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore


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Located in Hebbal Bangalore, Manipal Hospitals considered as the one of the best laparoscopic surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore offers various diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopic surgical procedures, including procedures that treat both simple and complex abdominal and pelvic conditions. Among the surgical options that can be carried out via laparoscopy is the removal of an inflamed appendix, removing the gallbladder for the removal of gallstones, Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, hernia repair, stomach ulcers, gastroplasty, oncological surgery, removal of fibroids, and the completion of a hysterectomy, among others. In a nutshell, Manipal Hospitals strive to assist patients in managing their pain and restoring their function in the most convenient way possible. Our goal is to ensure that our patients enjoy a better quality of life as a result of the laparoscopic, minimally invasive techniques that our physicians offer as a result of the least invasive, most effective, and most sophisticated available treatment for their condition.

Treatment & Procedures

Lap Cholecystectomy

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a minimally invasive procedure in which the gallbladder is eliminated through a small opening in the abdomen. In the absence of treatment with the prescribed medication, gallstones may cause inflammation, pain, or infection if not taken as directed.

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Laparoscopic Appendectomy

Your appendix is a narrow tubular finger-shaped organ attached to the intestines on the lower right side of your abdomen. It houses bacteria. When the appendix is blocked, it becomes inflamed and results in appendicitis. A ruptured appendix can allow the bacteria to spread to the other organs posing a risk to life. Laparoscopy is the best diagnostic…

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Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic surgeries

Laparoscopic surgeries A wide range of gynaecological conditions can be diagnosed using laparoscopy, including endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, adhesions (scar tissue), and infertility. During your examination, your physician may suggest that you undergo this procedure if you have pain, a history of pelvic infections, or symptoms that…

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Laparoscopic cholecystectomy -…

Your gallbladder will need to be removed if the gallstones in it cause complications. The presence of gallstones is called cholelithiasis. Doctors may also recommend this type of surgery if you have - biliary dyskinesia, which occurs when the gallbladder doesn’t empty bile correctly due to a defect; pancreatitis or the inflammation of the pancreas…

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Laparoscopic Surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore

Laparoscopy is used in diagnosis when non-invasive methods can't diagnose a condition, and surgeries performed are via small incisions, which increases postoperative patient recovery, reduces blood loss and pain and significantly improve cosmesis. 

Diagnosis options are offered through laparoscopy for Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), Endometriosis, Ectopic pregnancy, Ovarian cyst, Fibroids, Female infertility, Undescended testicles, Appendicitis, Unexplained abdominal pain, Liver cancer, Pancreatic cancer , Ovarian cancer, Bile duct cancer, Gallbladder cancer. Book an appointment at Manipal Hospitals now to know more about treatments and precedures with the help of best doctors in Bangalore. 

Laparoscopic Surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore

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Surgical options offered through laparoscopy are meant for removing an inflamed appendix, removing the gallbladder to treat gallstones, crohn's disease or diverticulitis, Hernia repair, stomach ulcers, Gastrectomy, Oncological surgery, Ectopic pregnancy, removing fibroids and hysterectomy. Manipal Hospitals help manage pain and restore function in the most uncomplicated way possible. Offering Laparoscopic, minimally invasive procedures, our experts ensure patient's recovery and improved quality of life with the least invasive, most appropriate, and most advanced treatment available.


Laparoscopy is usually done as an outpatient procedure. This means that you'll be able to go home on the same day as your surgery. It may be performed in a hospital or an outpatient surgical center. You'll likely be given general anesthesia for this type of surgery. To get the best treatment, arrive at the laparoscopic surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore.

The tubal ligation procedure is an example of a procedure that may be performed using laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is also an alternative method for performing a hysterectomy. Laparoscopic hysterectomy involves removing the uterus from the body. By way of little crevices in the abdominal cavity or by way of the vaginal region, the organ is usually removed in pieces.

The majority of laparoscopies are undertaken using general anesthesia. As a result of this form of anesthesia, you will be asleep. To know more, visit the laparoscopic surgery hospital in Hebbal, Bangalore.

There is a risk of bleeding or perforation of the uterus during hysteroscopy. The damage caused by uterine perforation to the bowel. Nevertheless, such complications are extremely rare. Most patients experience mild lower abdominal pain following the procedure.

In the hands of an experienced surgeon at the best laparoscopic surgery in Hebbal, Bangalore, the risk of uterine perforation caused by hysteroscopy is very low. Any possible bowel injury should be examined with a diagnostic laparoscopy if this occurs. The patient can be discharged the following day with antibiotics if the perforation of the uterus is small and no damage has been done to the bowels. In cases of large perforations or injuries to the bowel, a laparotomy may be required.

It will be determined by your OB-GYN when you can resume your normal exercise routine. In the case of simple surgical procedures, it is usually one to two days following the procedure. It may take longer when the procedure is increasingly complex, such as a hysterectomy. If excessive movement or exercise is recommended, you may be advised to refrain from doing so.


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