Is Joint Replacement Necessary to Cure Joint Pain?

Joint pain Treatment in Goa

Usually associated with old age, joint pain can also be a symptom of arthritis and non-arthritis conditions. Joint discomfort is generally very common and most commonly felt in the feet, knees, spine, hips or hands. The pain may be sporadic or constant depending on the condition. Additionally, in some cases, patients report that the joint feels stiff in the morning but loosens up and feels better with activity and movement. However, intense physical exercises and activities must be avoided without consulting a doctor. 

When the pain is intense or throbbing, the function of the joint may get affected, thus limiting the ability of a person to perform basic tasks. In some patients, severe joint pain has been found to affect their quality of life. 

Who is Likely to Experience Joint Pain?

Apart from affecting geriatric people, joint pain is also likely in people who:

  • Have arthritis or some other chronic medical condition

  • Suffer from anxiety, stress and/or depression

  • Are obese or overweight

  • Have had previous joint injuries

  • Suffer from poor health

Causes of Joint Pain

Some of the most common causes of chronic joint pain are:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

It is a chronic disease that causes pain and swelling in the joints. It usually occurs in the wrists and fingers and causes deformity of the joint.

  • Osteoarthritis

It is a common type of arthritis and happens over a certain period of time when the cartilage, which is the protective cushion between the bones, wears away. The joints become stiff and painful. Osteoarthritis generally occurs in middle age.

  • Gout

It occurs when crystals from different body parts gather in the joint. It is associated with swelling and severe pain and generally occurs in the big toe.

  • Bursitis

It generally occurs in the knee, shoulder, elbow or hip and is caused due to overuse.

  • Viral infections

fever or rash may make the movement of joints painful. Visit orthopedic specialty hospital in Goa if the pain increases.

  • Tendinitis

It occurs because of the inflammation of tendons, which are flexible bands that connect muscle and bone. It is usually seen in the shoulder, elbow or heel and generally occurs due to intense physical exercises or overtraining.

  • Injuries

Injuries such as sprains and broken bones. 

Although there is no cure, currently, for joint pain, it can be managed and brought under control with the help of over-the-counter medications and simple daily exercises to provide relief to the patient. 

  • Simple home remedies, such as putting ice or a heating pad and applying topical gels and creams on the affected area multiple times a day may bring relief. 

  • Regular physical exercise can help the patient gain strength in the joint. Swimming, walking and other low-intensity exercises are usually recommended. 

  • If the patient is overweight or obese, a doctor may suggest weight loss to mitigate the strain on joints.

  • Dietary supplements, such as glucosamine, may also be recommended in some cases to reduce pain.

When is Joint Replacement Recommended?

If the pain doesn’t lessen with over-the-counter drugs, topical solutions or physical therapy, a doctor may suggest surgery, such as an arthroscopy, or a joint replacement procedure (arthroplasty) to alleviate pain. In an arthroplasty, either a part or the entire damaged joint is removed by a Joint Replacement Surgeon in Goa, who then replaces it with a manufactured metal or plastic implant (artificial knee or hip). This is done to alleviate pain and restore full mobility. 

While joint pain can generally be treated with over-the-counter drugs and physical therapy, a doctor must always be consulted, especially if the pain is severe, interfering with routine activities and affecting mobility, as it is necessary to quickly diagnose the cause of the pain and begin treatment to maintain healthy and functioning joints.

Dr. Rohan R Desai

Consultant - Joint Replacement

Manipal Hospitals, Goa

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