How to Increase the Chances of Normal Delivery in Pregnancy?

high-risk pregnancy treatment in Delhi

Normal delivery is like a dream come true. A first-time “mother to be” is very excited, perplexed and anxious throughout her journey. The most important question is “will I deliver normally?”

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What can I do to achieve this goal? Will I get a good genuine doctor, a good hospital and a team to help me achieve my goal. 

Tips for the same-

  1. Stay active throughout pregnancy. Bed rest decreases the chances of normal vaginal delivery

  2. Be regular in your ANC visits

  3. Do regular exercises as advised by your doctor and physiotherapist

  4. Take healthy food and do not increase your weight alarmingly, eat right and stay fit.

  5. Take help of painless labour and ball exercises to have smooth and fast labour.

  6. Attend ANC classes- as they teach you the steps of labour, build up your confidence and make you better prepared for what to expect during labour

  7. Don’t make normal delivery your only aim, Your aim should be to have a healthy baby and a healthy mother. Even if there is a situation where you have a caesarean you should not be depressed.

  8. In case you have a breech baby, practice exercise for turning your babies in coordination with your doctor and therapist

  9. Relaxation is the key, the mother is anxious and the chances decrease, so start meditating and stay calm

“Labour is the only blind date where you know you will meet the love of your life.”

Everyone has a different experience in pregnancy and labour so don’t compare theirs with yours. Remember, “you are stronger than you think.”

Maintain a journal. Note important things. Discuss small issues with your gynaecologist in Dwarka, Delhi. Yoga and core exercises and helpful in opening up your pelvic bones and muscles. Planning for delivery should start even before you have conceived, go for Pre conceptional counselling, lose extra weight, do all tests, take vaccines, eat healthily and create a serene environment at your house. Be positive, be patient and trust your doctor and god. Go for it, don’t be scared, we are blessed to be in this era of technology where there is a rare chance of a mishap. Motherhood is a one time experience so enjoy the fullest.

Manipal Hospital is known as the best hospital for normal delivery in Delhi.

Dr Yashica Gudesar

HOD And Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, Delhi


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