How to Control Kids Screen Time during Lockdown

Posted On May 15, 2020

Dr. Sufla Saxena

Consultant - Paediatric Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist

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Ways to Limit your Child's Screen Time During Lockdown

There’s a significant increase in the amount of time spent by kids on electronic media be it tablets, television or phone during the lockdown period. As we are fighting the coronavirus pandemic, almost 90% of the student population is cut off from school and because of this internet has become a critical tool for children’s access to learning, play, entertainment and social interaction. 

Children are unable to leave their homes to socialise with friends and family, people are increasingly turning to their smartphones for entertainment and to stay connected. Consult with the child specialist in Dwarka for preventive tips.

It also highlights the growing importance of kids and family programming that has only grown more pronounced as kids are trapped at home and parents are looking for ways to entertain them. Excessive screen time for kids in lockdown not only can have an effect on mental well being but can also lead to childhood obesity. 

How we can help every child achieve a balance screen time during the coronavirus crisis and when life goes back to normal?

It’s important to monitor what the child do online, the content they watch and the time spent online. Screen time checking apps can be installed and time usage could be set for the day.

Active parental engagement with kids like playing video games together and talking about the contents the kid is watching as well watching some movie together could be fun and engaging for both parent and kid. 

We can help them improve their physical activity while being confined to home by putting up active video games or fun exercises for them which is not only good for their social but mental health as well. 

To decrease their screen time they could be given simple household chores according to their age and ability and ensure to praise and appreciate them during the family time over lunch or dinner. You have to take the initiative otherwise you will be searching for the best child specialist hospital in Delhi for your child.

Together we can ensure a technologically safe lockdown for our kids. 


Dr. Sufla Saxena 

Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist 

Manipal Hospital Delhi

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