10 Reasons Why Women Are Unable To Conceive And Tips To Improve Your Lifestyle Before Planning A Baby

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Having a child is a dream for all couples. But today’s era has a lot of infertile couples leading a busy and active life. Though they dream to become parents but due to lots of unknown reasons are not able to get a positive pregnancy test result. First and foremost, the reason is that couples do not have enough time to spend with each other and usually are too tired for any sexual activity. The stress of the job and travel decreases the desire for intimacy and conception. Even those who are interested do not get time to visit a gynae hospital in Delhi and go for regular checkups. Secondly, the proper knowledge for the fertile days and pre-conceptional counseling is missing. The data on the internet is confusing and at times incomplete.

The knowledge to approach the right website and data is not there. Thirdly in these times we have a lot of unhealthy habits and are prone to lifestyle diseases leading to a deterioration of the quality of the sperm and ova. Hence the chances for a healthy pregnancy decrease. Nature is smart enough to bear a healthy progeny. Diabetes is very common. Delhi has become a diabetic capital. PCOD is seen in many women. Male factor infertility is on the rise and the delay in conception is noticeable. Fourthly late marriages lead to deterioration of the quality of the gametes hence infertility. The fifth reason can be a thing of choice. Many couples are opting out of pregnancy thinking taking care of a child can be a very difficult job in their busy lifestyles and high-profile jobs. The sixth reason is females who are too concerned about their body and do not want to get out of shape want to go for surrogacy. 

Even the care for the first child becomes so difficult at times that the couples though interested in another child find it difficult to meet the ends taking the responsibility of the school and co-curricular activities of the first child. The hyperactive children who do not sleep at night and the thought of another child remind them of all the sleepless nights. This is the seventh reason. 

The eighth reason is the nuclear families where the grandparents are not available to help out. Many grandparents are suffering from medical ailments not able to attend to any chores hence are not able to help during childbirth. The ninth anovulatory cycle is a common reason. PCOD is the commonest cause, hormonal imbalance, premature menopause. Scare for infertility treatment, making a choice to go for ART methods, donor eggs, and sperms and surrogacy is there in the society. Hence leading to a further delay in a chance for a healthy pregnancy outcome. Last but not least endometriosis and adenomyosis are on the rise, the cause of which is not known but the unhealthy lifestyle, chronic bowel issues, and stress are the only causes as of now. Young girls with pains during periods, heavy periods come with endometriosis and infertility is markedly affected. Consult the best gynecologist in Delhi, if you have any concerns before planning your baby.

Unexplained infertility is on the rise. The cause for which is not known. Almost 30 % is the chance if you have no other medical cause for not conceiving.

Lifestyle management is the key treatment for multiple problems society is facing.

Infertility is one of them. Going for a healthy diet plan, weight management, exercise, yoga, breathing exercises helps. But time management is difficult for all.

Avoiding junk food. Sleeping in time and getting up early helps to regularize the melatonin and endorphins in our body. The autocorrection of our body is activated and leads to successful conception. Ovulation starts and cycles become regular. Deep breathing exercises are important for removing toxins from our lungs and body fluids.

Pregnancy itself will lead to gaining weight and if not nutritionally sufficient will lead to deterioration of our vitamin stores; the fetus born will also be deficient. A healthy mother leads to a healthy baby. Taking folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B 12, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium will help to conceive and having a less complicated pregnancy. Folic acid prevents abortions and neural tube defects. Magnesium prevents leg cramps and pre-eclampsia in pregnancy. An anaemic mother is at high risk for bleeding problems during pregnancy. Feel free to reach any gynecologist hospital in Delhi and ask any questions you have related to your pregnancy.

Constipation is another big issue these days; correct it and have a healthy bowel before u conceive or else the absorption and intake are restricted. Gastritis is more in people with constipation.

Preconception care is necessary for the screening, prevention and control of risk factors that affect pregnancy outcomes. We aimed to investigate preconception care guidelines, policies, recommendations, and services in India.

Corona itself has had been a secret life corrector in the last year for many couples. By giving them a lot of time to spend at home with each other leading to increased sexual activity and increased chances of pregnancy. Lots of infertile couples conceived during the year. Though many smarts opted out by choice because they wanted to avoid going to the hospital during these times. Many people got time to go for healthy activities and lost weight as they spend time on themselves and on correcting their bodies. Due to lock down and restaurants being shut, home-cooked healthy food was the choice by default making many lose their weight, leading to increased chances of conceiving. 


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