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Posted On Mar 08, 2022

Dr. S. Sivaraj

Consultant - Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

Manipal Hospitals-Salem

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When was the last time you complained about backache as a child? Never right? But the current generation of children seems to be struggling with constant backache and neck pain. Why so, you may ask? Well, did you ever imagine 20 years ago that your life would depend a lot on a little screen held in your hands? With the advent of smartphone technology, everyone seems to be slouched and slumped over their smartphones for hours together. Despite trying hard, your phone usage is still the same. This can cause a strain on your neck and back.

Smartphone Slouching

Though the smartphone seems to serve you a lot, humans today have become a slave to smartphones. The frequency and intensity of using a smartphone have led to an increase in mechanical backache and neck pain. The pain arises due to bad posture, slouching, and tilting your head forward instead of holding the phone higher. 


Kids who use gadgets all through the day may complain of the following symptoms:

  • Neck pain

  • Upper backache

  • Lower back pain

  • Tense shoulders 

  • Inability to look to the sides 

  • The slouched posture of the back

All these symptoms are temporary and related to mechanical aches and pains. If left unresolved, then there may be structural changes that cause permanent symptoms.

How To Solve Smartphone Slouching?

To ensure that your child does not complain of these aches and pains, here is a list that you must follow.

  • Reduce your child’s smartphone use. Maintain time slots during which they can operate smartphones or laptops. 

  • Maintain correct posture while using a smartphone. Constant wrong posture spoils the natural curvature of your child’s neck. It also strains their neck muscles causing wear and tear of the surrounding structures. When you see your child using a smartphone by looking down, you can observe how their neck moves forward and how their neck muscles and shoulder muscles contract and tend to spasm. 

  • Make your child sit erect always with proper support from their mid-back to their buttocks. Whether they are operating a smartphone or a laptop, ensure proper posture and neck alignment. 

  • Make your child do some shoulder extensions. This will help, arch their neck and back backwards and pull their shoulders just under their ears. These stretches help reduce muscle pain and relax your child.

  • Hold the phone straight. Whenever you see your child holding the phone lower than chin level or in a way that their chin goes down to read, stop the posture right there. Teach them to read from the smartphone at their eye level. Ensure that the monitor screen, laptop screen, or any other screen is at eye level to prevent their head from dropping down and causing muscle strain.

Is This Back Pain And Neck Pain Due To Gadget Use Curable?

Most kids will get better with time. You may notice that your child complains about the pain only when they are stressed or overworked. Hence you need to counsel your child and explain the causes of the backache calmly. Pain medicines can help reduce the symptoms. Your child may need physical therapy to strengthen the muscles and to load the muscles correctly. 

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Dr. S. Sivaraj

Consultant - Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

Manipal Hospital, Salem

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