Best Hospital For Pulmonology in Salem
Best Pulmonology Hospital in Salem

Pulmonology (Respiratory and Sleep Medicine)

The medical speciality of pulmonology focuses on the pulmonary system. The lungs, bronchi, trachea, bronchioles, associated blood arteries, and all other organs involved in and directly connected to breathing, the mechanism of respiration exchange of gases, and cardiac conditions related to pulmonary disease, make up the pulmonary system, also known as the respiratory system. Pneumonia, asthma, TB, emphysema, and complicated chest infections are just a few conditions that pulmonologists specialise in treating. The concerned medical professionals are qualified to identify and treat respiratory system issues.

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Why Manipal?

Different lung conditions and illnesses are expertly handled at the Manipal Hospital in Salem. Numerous illnesses make up the most frequent causes of respiratory failures. To provide patients with comprehensive care, the department works in tandem with the Department of Critical Care. Specialists in critical care with extensive training are on call 24/7. The department has top-notch diagnosis, cutting-edge therapy, and contemporary facilities for respiratory care. 

Pulmonologists at Manipal Hospitals in Salem are knowledgeable medical professionals that treat a variety of lung conditions by correctly diagnosing, managing, treating, and providing critical care for illnesses affecting the respiratory system. Consult a top pulmonologist in Salem for diagnosis and treatment of lung issues. 

Treatment & Procedures


A bronchoscopy is a technique that enables medical professionals to view your airways. It is often carried out by a pulmonologist tiny tube called a bronchoscope is inserted into your lungs during a bronchoscopy through your mouth or nose. A flexible bronchoscope is most frequently used while doing bronchoscopy. A rigid bronchoscope, however, could…

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CT Guided Biopsy

A radiologist will use a technique called a CT guided biopsy to take a tiny tissue sample using a needle. To develop a diagnosis and set future management plans, this is done. The most secure way to insert a needle into the lesion is with the aid of a CT scan. This is a less invasive approach that can be used in place of an open surgical biopsy. With…

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Thoracoscopy/ Pleuroscopy

A minimally invasive treatment called a thoracoscopy has historically been used to identify and/or treat pleural lung illness. The lining of your chest cavity and the exterior of your lungs are both covered by a broad, thin layer of tissue called the pleura. Patients with lung cancer, chylothorax, lymphoma, mesothelioma, metastatic malignancies, or…

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Plural Fluid Aspiration

A pleural aspiration is a technique where fluid that has gathered around the lung is removed using a thin needle or tube put into the gap between the lung and chest wall. Pleural space is the name of this area. Pleural aspiration is often performed to ascertain the cause of the fluid surrounding the lung or to alleviate symptoms because the fluid from…

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Spirometry / Pulmonary Function…

Spirometry is a routine office exam that measures how much air you take in, exhale, and how rapidly you exhale to determine how your lungs are functioning. Spirometry is used to identify respiratory disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and others. Therapy for a chronic lung ailment may be monitored frequently using…

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Best Pulmonology Hospital in Salem

Pulmonology Respiratory Sleep Medicine

Top Pulmonology Hospital in Salem


Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) are noninvasive tests that show how well the lungs are working. The tests measure lung volume, capacity, rates of flow, and gas exchange. This information can help your healthcare provider at the best pulmonology hospital in Salem diagnose and decide the treatment of certain lung disorders. 

A pulmonologist will inquire about your lung health throughout your consultation. They will be able to assist you more quickly the more he understands your individual conditions. He will do tests to precisely diagnose the problem, and then come up with a plan of action to assist you in controlling or curing your respiratory disease. To get a consultation with the best doctors, book an appointment with a top pulmonology hospital in Salem.

Bronchoscopy typically lasts about 30 minutes. However, this might vary depending on the indication.

You can contact a pulmonologist to stop smoking, and he or she will give you medicine to assist you to do so. Perhaps indicated are nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges. For the best treatment and care from top specialists in this field, it is advised to visit the best pulmonology hospital in Salem. 

Yes. Pulmonologists do undertake procedures, like bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy & pleural fluid aspiration.

Thoracoscopy is not major surgery and is thought to be minimally invasive. Small instruments and incisions are used during minimally invasive surgeries. They have faster patient recovery periods and are less likely to result in problems. If you are planning to undergo this surgery, it is best to consult a top pulmonology hospital in Salem. 

Pulmonology Respiratory Sleep Medicine

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