Emergency Medical Services

Posted On Apr 08, 2022

emergency medical services in Pune

Emergency medical services are dedicated to offering immediate, acute medical care out of the hospital or in an emergency room. Support is also offered to patients who are in need of transport to a hospital.

The aim of most emergency medical services is to provide treatment to those in need of urgent medical care. Emergency medical services are administered at an emergency room or emergency department at a hospital, or by a team of trained personnel during transport. Manipal is the Emergency Hospital In Pune providing the best treatment facilities.

At Manipal Hospitals, our emergency department and the emergency room are equipped with all the necessary facilities to administer the right emergency medical services. We have emergency medical services available in Bangalore, Ghaziabad, Kolkata, Mysore, Gurugram, Patiala, and Pune.

When to contact emergency medical services?

  • Choking

  • Breathing difficulty or stopped breathing

  • Severe or mild head injury with/without loss of consciousness, vomiting, or abnormal behavior like aggressiveness

  • Injury to spine or neck

  • Moderate to severe burns

  • A seizure that lasted for 3 - 5 minutes

  • Bleeding that is not controlled and is heavy

  • Purpose of Emergency Medical Services during the pre-hospital stage

Basic principles of first aid are fulfilled by emergency medical services. Thus there are six stages of high-quality pre-hospital care involved. These include:

  • Early detection: This involves someone finding the incident and understanding the medical emergency

  • Early reporting: This involves the first person on the scene that contacts the emergency department in a hospital and provides details to enable a response

  • Early response: This involves the timely arrival of the ambulance and paramedics on the scene to administer immediate acute medical care.

  • Good on-scene care: The emergency medical service offers suitable and timely intervention to treat the patient at the scene of the incident.

  • Care during transit: The emergency medical service shifts the patient in an ambulance and continues to provide appropriate medical care throughout the journey

  • Transfer to definitive care: The patient is transported and handed over to the emergency department at a hospital

Emergency care in the hospital

Once the patient reaches the Emergency room, the first step is to assess and stabilize the patient. The concerned specialist is informed and investigations are started. Depending on the treatment proposed patient may be admitted to ICU or ward. In some cases, the patient may be treated as an out-patient. Support from the laboratory and radiology departments is available round the clock.

Have our emergency numbers on speed dial for emergency medical services. Help us save lives by giving you or someone else the right medical care at the right time. Whenever you are in an emergency situation just search for emergency medical services in Pune to get instant help.

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