Kidney Transplant


In a kidney transplant surgery, a healthy kidney is transplanted from a healthy donor when the patient's kidneys no longer function. Kidney transplant is usually the last and only option for those suffering from end-stage renal failure and have been on haemodialysis. The end-stage renal disease occurs when kidneys lose 90 percent of their normal functional ability, and when that happens, a kidney transplant is often the choice of treatment compared to a lifetime of haemodialysis. 

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
At the forefront of kidney transplant, Manipal Hospitals dedicated Centre of Excellence in Organ Transplant is one of the few in its genre to facilitate kidney transplant. The Centre boasts of highly skilled transplant surgeons who have achieved excellence in this intriguing speciality by successfully conducting a number of kidney transplant surgeries in patients who need it the most. This unit sports state of the art Operation Theatres, Labs, Post-transplant ICUs and comfortable, sterile wards.

One of the first centre to do cadaver Kidney transplant in Karnataka and has an active cadaver Programme running. 

Kidney transplant has emerged as a silver lining for those suffering from end-stage renal failure. Some of the common reasons for renal failure include
Chronic high blood pressure
Chronic glomerulonephritis
Polycystic kidney disease

As in all transplants where your body needs to get used to a new organ, the most serious risk of a transplant is that your body rejects the kidney. However, it’s rare that your body will do that. The immunosuppressant drugs you must take after surgery can lead to some unpleasant side effects as well which may include increased hair growth, weight gain, bone thinning, acne, and a higher risk of developing certain skin cancers and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Infection control protocol
We have completely isolated highly sterile controlled-environment wards, including the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter unit to prevent infections.

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