Unique Early-Onset Scoliosis Case in an 8-year-old | Dr. Saurabh Verma | Manipal Hospitals Delhi

Wiaam, an 8-year-old child from Iraq, was referred to Dr. Saurabh Verma at Manipal Hospitals Delhi. The child was suffering from a severe case of kyphoscoliosis, with a spine curvature measuring Cobb's angle of 150 degrees. A two-step process was implemented for the surgery and rehabilitation of Wiaam's condition. Halo gravity technique was implemented in the first stage, and dual-growing rods technique of surgery was implemented in the second stage. Watch the video to hear about Wiaam's case from Dr. Saurabh Verma. Consult our specialists at Manipal Hospitals Delhi, today. Call 011 4967 4967 or click on this link to book an appointment - https://bit.ly/MHNewDelhi

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