Paediatric Robotic Assisted Surgery

Paediatric Robotic Assisted Surgery
The pathbreaking robot assisted technology is a boon for paediatric surgeons who perform intricate surgeries in children. The dexterity of the robotic arms allows them to reach into the deepest recesses of a child’s tiny body.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals
Manipal Hospital is one of the first healthcare giants in the country to introduce robotic surgery. In the hands of our dexterous paediatric uro-surgeons, this minimally invasive option is used safely in complex paediatric urological procedures such as pyeloplasty and vesico-ureteral reflux. Pyeloplasty is the surgical reconstruction of the renal pelvis to drain and decompress the kidney to relieve an uretero-pelvic junction obstruction. Vesico-ureteral reflux (VUR) occurs when urine in the bladder flows back into the ureters and kidneys. A child who has VUR is at risk for developing recurrent kidney infections, which, over time, can damage and scar the kidneys.

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